Psychic News fans around the world have had a long, long wait for the return of their much-loved publication, but it’s almost over! The new-format Psychic News will be launched on 15th December and published fortnightly.

You’ll be able to choose from printed and internet versions and you can subscribe for either 6 months or 12.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer you the new fortnightly Psychic News at £1.40 per single issue, which works out at exactly the same price as the 70p you used to pay weekly.

A subscription to the printed copy costs £48 for a year, or £25 for 6 months. To pay by credit or debit card call Alita McGuiness on 01279 874341.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, make it payable to “Psychic Press Ltd” and send it with your name and address to Psychic News, Suite 6, Thremhall Park, Start Hill, Bishops Stortford CM22 7WE.

A year’s subscription to the online version costs just £26, or £14 for 6 months. If you’d like to subscribe online, simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re new to Psychic News, you can find out more by taking advantage of our free online trial offer. Just visit the website for details.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


By Sue Farrow

The relaunch of Psychic News is just weeks away and we want you to be part of it! The J.V. Trust’s amazing gift of a dynamic, utterly independent new PN offers a powerful voice to every Spiritualist and to everyone who’s interested in a spiritual way of life.

Do you run a church or centre? Have we missed an exciting development while we’ve been away? Please let us know. Share information about your services, circles, workshops, fund-raisers and other special events with our readers.

Are you an evidential medium, physical or trance medium, healer, psychic artist or speaker? We want to know about your work….Continue reading →


By Sue Farrow

With enormous delight and pleasure I can confirm that Psychic News, Spiritualism’s most famous and iconic voice, silenced for so long by the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), is to speak its truth again. Many readers will by now be aware that the J.V. Trust has succeeded in its long-running and complex battle to secure the resurrection of Psychic News. On October 4, it became the new owner of the paper and its world-renowned archive – a large and unique collection of historical material relating to all aspects of Spiritualism. A new company – Psychic Press Ltd – was formed shortly afterwards and was incorporated on October 11.

J.V. Trust Chairman Minister Eric Hatton

J.V.’s chairman, Minister Eric Hatton, supported by his fellow trustees Hugh and Margaret Davis, has fought tirelessly to save the paper whose legendary founding editor Maurice Barbanell was a personal friend. Years earlier, Eric had given Barbanell an assurance that he would do all in his power to ensure that Psychic News would continue as an independent voice for the Spiritualist movement…

Continue reading →

Physical medium David Thompson speaks exclusively to Spirit of PN

David Thompson

Physical mediumship has long been the ‘hot potato’ of Spiritualism but, like it or not, there would be no modern movement without it. What were those famed Hydesville knockings if not physical?

Since those far-off days, physical mediumship has been dogged by controversy and only a handful of its exponents have escaped accusations of fraud, whether conscious or unconscious.

Nevertheless, at its finest and most highly developed, physical mediumship can provide the ultimate proof of survival. How much more proof would you need after you’d seen and recognised your own loved one, perhaps held them in your arms and conversed with them? It would do for me! Continue reading →


A statement from Minister Eric Hatton,
chairman of the J.V. Trust.

My fellow trustees and I are absolutely delighted to announce that yesterday, 4th October 2011, ownership of Psychic News, its archives and other assets passed to the J.V. Trust.

Minister Eric Hatton

Continue reading →

The vision thing

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverb

by Geoff Griffiths

Back in 1964, former president Harold Vigurs was conducting a commission of inquiry into the Spiritualist National Union’s problems and opportunities, and exploring ways forward. In his report, he lamented the fact that, in spite of the Union’s then life of 63 years, it still lacked a vision statement and seemed without clear direction.

To our shame and our loss, almost 50 years later, the same holds true. Without a vision, we of the SNU are like a circus of flies; a wandering generality, when we should be a meaningful specific.

To illustrate how a vision-led strategy works, consider three bricklayers on a building site who were each asked the same question: “What are you doing?”  The first replied ‘I’m laying bricks.’ The second, ‘I’m building a wall.’ But the third positively glowed as he declared, ‘I am helping to build a cathedral that will stand for a thousand years!’ Continue reading →

Anarchy on the streets –
What can be learned from the August riots?

By David Hopkins

The riots which spread across England earlier this month stunned the world, writes Sue Farrow. TV news channels around the globe regaled their viewers with scenes of violence, arson and looting unprecedented on England’s streets.

For some, the events which began in the north London suburb of Tottenham, and spread to many other areas, were to prove devastating. Loved ones lost, serious injuries sustained, homes and businesses destroyed. In short, lives changed forever. Continue reading →

SNU responds to readers’ comments

David Bruton

In an unprecedented decision to engage with a wider public about the SNU’s plans for the future, president David Bruton has authorised public relations officer Minister Steven Upton to respond to some of the many comments that followed Sue Farrow’s report on the Union’s 2011 AGM.
Continue reading →

Evidence, evidence, evidence!

Medium Michael Bagan

Sue Farrow introduces a report on some exceptional survival evidence given recently to ‘Valerie’ by London-based medium Michael Bagan.

Few Spiritualists – even those who do their utmost to look on the bright side – can have failed to notice that first class survival evidence has been increasingly thin on the ground in recent years… Continue reading →

David Thompson séance
– spirit or flesh?

Roy Stemman

Veteran Spiritualist commentator Roy Stemman has paid a visit to a physical séance given by British-born medium David Thompson and, to say the least, his report makes interesting reading.

The séance, held in Oxfordshire earlier this week, was part of Thompson’s European tour, which will also see the controversial medium demonstrating trance, physical and mental mediumship at a week-long event in Spain.

Roy’s commentary is balanced, considering events through the eyes of both believer and sceptic. He pulls no punches, though, nailing his colours firmly to the mast… Continue reading →

The Etheric Connection

Sue Farrow reviews the third and last book by Katie Halliwell on the work of the Stewart Alexander Circle.

Katie Halliwell

Spiritualists the world over know the importance of chronicling outstanding mediumship. Without those people who took time to record the amazing manifestations and communications which came through mediums such as Daniel Dunglas Home, Helen Duncan, Estelle Roberts, Helen Hughes, Lilian Bailey and Maurice Barbanell, to name just a handful, we would know little or nothing of countless extraordinary proofs of survival beyond death. Nor would we have the wisdom of guides such as Silver Birch and Red Cloud.

Detailing the work of today’s exceptional mediums is no less important, and author Katie Halliwell has already made an outstanding contribution to the records of Spiritualism with her two previous books on the work of physical medium Stewart Alexander and his circle… Continue reading →

SNU AGM 2011

Sue Farrow reports on the 109th annual general meeting of the Spiritualists’ National Union.

David Bruton

Following a year of high-profile, and some would say controversial, decisions – the closure of Psychic News, the banning of Eric Hatton’s autobiography from Stansted, proposed changes to the Arthur Findlay College, the purchase of a new £500,000 centre in Stafford – the SNU has held its 2011 annual general meeting, the first under its new president, David Bruton.

After welcoming delegates who had travelled to the University of Warwick for the meeting, David spoke of his intention to “share some highlights and to talk a little about some of the many changes we have brought forward.” Continue reading →

Eric Hatton radio interview

Minister Eric Hatton

American-based radio station has recorded an interview with UK Spiritualism’s best known ambassador, Eric Hatton.

The interview, which will be broadcast on Friday 10th June, at 5pm UK time, is part of the station’s Surfing the Psychic Waves series… Continue reading →

Are the Seven Principles still ‘fit for purpose’?

“When everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” George S. Patton.

By Geoff Griffiths

The Seven Principles have once again come under scrutiny. This follows researchers’ discovery that the idea the Principles were given to Emma Hardinge Britten (EHB) by Robert Owen, from spirit life, may actually be a myth. Was it one of those legends that tend to grow up around legendary characters – the embroidery woven by the over-enthusiastic religious mind?

Over the years, Emma, like many others, had made attempts to come up with a simple but comprehensive statement of what Spiritualism is. “The Ten Laws of Right” and “The Spiritual Commandments” from the Lyceum Manual, which she co-authored, are two of them. And it is known that she was in the audience when Owen – still in the body – outlined his views on the universal religion whilst she was living in New York in the very earliest days of the Spiritualist era. This could have been the first seed of the Principles. Continue reading →


Minister Eric Hatton

Following the decision of the Union not to stock copies of its Honorary President Eric Hatton’s book, Taking Up The Challenge, the President, the Vice-President (Administrative) and the General Secretary of the Union held a meeting with Mr Hatton, Hugh Davis and Susan Farrow to discuss the matters which had led to this decision.

SNU President David Bruton

The meeting was a very fruitful and cordial one and after full and frank discussions of the issues involved both the Union and its Honorary President are pleased to announce that they came to a new and better understanding of, and respect for, each other’s positions and as a result were able to achieve a resolution of the situation.

The Union has accordingly agreed to put Mr Hatton’s book back on sale at the Arthur Findlay College bookshop.

Mr Hatton recognised that some of the references in his book could have been taken to be misleading and denigratory but gave an assurance that this had never been his intention.

With hindsight, the representatives of the Union present at the meeting acknowledge that a preliminary discussion with Mr Hatton about the Union’s concerns regarding his book might have resolved this situation more speedily.


From the editor:

Publication of the May edition of Spirit of PN will be delayed pending an important announcement. All subscribers will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the new issue is available online.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Meanwhile, we bring you exclusive news of a shocking decision to ban Eric Hatton’s autobiography (see below).

SNU bans Eric Hatton’s book

Minister Eric Hatton

by Sue Farrow.

In a move that has left many of its loyal members outraged, the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) has made the astonishing decision to ban the autobiography of its own honorary president from sale at the Arthur Findlay College (AFC).

Eric Hatton’s long awaited book, Taking up the Challenge, was published in December 2010, in response to requests made over many years by Spiritualists and others who wanted him to set down a permanent record of his extraordinary life at the heart of Spiritualism. Continue reading →

How many mediums do you know who’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

By Sue Farrow

Regular visitors to Spirit of PN will know that last week we made an important announcement concerning the ownership of Psychic News and its assets.

A legal ruling has determined that the Spiritualists’ National Union, which unilaterally halted publication of the 78-year-old Spiritualist weekly in July 2010, while claiming ownership of the title, its world-renowned archive and other assets, does not own them. We do not yet know who the new owners will be, but can report that the entire package has now been put up for sale by liquidators Marsh Hammond and Partners.

PN’s future is still uncertain, but as the paper’s most recent editor I pay tribute to those who have worked hard to establish that Spiritualism’s most popular and best known publication is the property of… Continue reading →

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  1. Terry Gardener

    Absolutely Brilliant! just what I hoped would happen. Good luck in your new brave venture there is a gaping hole just waiting to be filled.
    Peace and Light

  2. This is brilliant, thank you for the effort, it is needed:-)
    whit Love
    Jane lyzell at the Spiritualist college Ramsbergsgarden, Sweden

  3. well done, let us hope and pray that the entire Spiritualist Community will support and encourage this venture regardless of their individual feelings!

    note to webmaster: is this printable from the website? if we all took 10 prints to our individual churches that will reach a huge number without internet access. that is not too much for each of us to do is it?

  4. Will do our best to post around an inform churches

  5. Carolyn Molnar

    Hello from Canada! Sue, how wonderful to hear the news! I always felt the spirit of PN never died… just went into hiding for awhile! Like the phoenix rising from the ashes – bigger and better! Looking forward to this new and improved version.

  6. Michael T. Bucci

    Thank you for turning the light back on. Hello from America and best wishes to all of you on a most happy return. If anyone had any doubts about it, the answer is in the affirmative: Spirit is with you!!!!


  7. A new start!! Yiippiiee!!!I will put a link on my website!

  8. Jennifer Neumann

    I’m very excited about this online version of the paper – I never had an opportunity to obtain a subscription of the print version but have heard great things about the publication so I’m very happy to be able it has survived here online – best wishes!

  9. Been reading this in print for lots of years keeps us up to date thanks for that may you long continue.

  10. Congratulations and best wishes for the future. It is what is needed, and to echo other comments, let us hope that all Spiritualists offer their support and energies towards it.
    I will put up a link from the websites of which I am the administrator.

  11. Great to see it starting online – 🙂

  12. This is brilliant !! Thank you for your efforts. I had only started corresponding in the PN and have great hopes here.

  13. This is good news for all of us. It is important that Spiritualism has a well-considered face for the online public. The experience you all bring to our field will certainly help us learn to talk with one voice. We will post links to this site from the Reno church site and from

  14. gratz on the the phoenix. I will post this link on the SNUi Facebook site so our members know. Good luck all.

  15. Great News. I have placed a link from Northampton Church web site.

  16. Valerie Thorley

    So pleased that PN is back albeit in electronic form and anything which spreads the word has to be a good thing. With so many folk being on-line now, it’s a very good alternative and think of all the forests being saved! Thank you Sue for caring enough to keep PN going.

  17. Linda Peate

    l am so pleased that it is back, hugs linda x

  18. The entire spiritual community is with you on this and sending you positive thoughts and positive energy for your success in this noble endeavor.
    May the divine spirit be with you and guide you through this most important undertaking.

  19. I do not understand what is required of me! Please help!

  20. G’day from Wollongong, Australia! Congratulations! My friends and I will be avid readers and supporting you! Could we have articles on Physical Mediumship again? PLEASE!

  21. Richard Rowley

    Excellent news that the enterprise which Maurice Barbanell founded continues on in new directions and in the same spirit of freedom of enquiry. Richard

  22. Brian Baylis

    Great to see an on-line version, and with improvements made. I felt the original was at some times, a bit bias.

    I have now added this to My favourites, so I can find it instantanious.

  23. So delighted to find this. Truly enjoyed reading the postings. Greetings of blessings and light from Orlando. FL

  24. Congratulations
    More power to your elbow.I look forward to following your progress.

  25. I was wondering if this is only happening to me when I am reading these news articles. As I was reading the story about the medium and the tie the page appeared to have white dots falling like a light snow shower yet when I go back to the homepage it stops.

  26. Susan, fear not, there is nothing wrong with your computer! The white dots were indeed meant to appear as lightly falling snow and were simply our nod towards the festive season. SF

  27. Great that we now have an independent voice. There is a dark shadow over the Spriritualists’ National Union at the moment and many voices will need to be heard to create a change in an organisation run by a group of unkind people.

  28. Well done in getting this site up and running. It has long been needed.

    Your success is assured.

  29. barbara miller

    Sue, if I may, just read Eric Hatton/your book. fantastic. I haven’t had time to do this over the last few weeks and am not very computer literate. I can’t believe that you are publishing this for nothing, does one have to sign up and pay and how to go about it I did e mail before but got no reply maybe it didn’t get through. cheers

  30. Sylvia Lloyd-Blyth

    Have greatly missed Psychic News, wishing you every success in your new venture.

  31. A phoenix has arisen from the ashes. What an excellent platform to debate the wider issues of Spiritualism and philosophy.

  32. Mike Goodall

    Any news of what’s happening to this site; I look every day in hope but nothing new so far?

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