New Clint Eastwood film tackles afterlife

Clint Eastwood at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2008

Clint Eastwood’s new film, Hereafter, tackles the subject of whether or not there is an afterlife, and what happens when we or our loved ones die.

Christopher Lane, Ph.D, appraises the film on Psychology Today website, and confesses to being haunted and fascinated by it, despite finding it difficult to watch.

The film starts with a massive tsunami. One of the characters, Didier (Thierry Neuvic), is a French TV producer convinced there is no hereafter. Death is, to him, like being unplugged and joining an eternal nothing. His girlfriend, reporter and author Marie LeLay (Cecile de France) isn’t so sure, and writes a book about her near-death experience.

Other characters in the film are desperate to communicate with people they have lost, which Lane describes as both moving and affecting. They seem to find an answer through medium George Lonegan (Matt Damon). Unlike other mediums in the film, Lonegan is “unnervingly accurate” in the messages he relays from the Other Side.

Christopher Lane maintains that the “hereafter” Eastwood presents resembles less of an afterlife or paradise than a dazed and trance-like projection from semi-consciousness. Nor does it satisfactorily convey Eastwood’s personal stance on the hereafter.

At the end, even Matt Damon’s seemingly accurate communication with the dead leaves one in a state of fascinated doubt.

“We’re left with enormously big questions, mostly unanswered, about what comes next,” says Lane.

Hereafter is from a screen play by Peter Morgan, and had a Special Presentation at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival in September. It is scheduled for UK release on January 28, 2011.

5 responses to “New Clint Eastwood film tackles afterlife

  1. Hallo Sue . thank you so much , that this is started .

    It give us all much pleasure . And will be good . for spiritualism as a whole .


  2. LOVED the movie here in Jacksonville, FL, USA …We really need more good movies like HEREAFTER. This movie will really help people to gain interest & knowledge about Spiritualism…. Katie S.

  3. Elsie Ann Soria, NST

    I enjoyed the film, however I felt it ended to soon. I had hoped that the film would have given some explanation of what happens at transition (death).
    Anthony Borgia’s book Here and Hereafter explains this factually and beautifully. The book can be obtained from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, Lily Dale, NY

  4. Doug Osborne

    Movies such as “Ghost” with Whoopee Goldberg, and “Always” with Richard Dreyfuss, and now “Hereafter” all definitely assist in making people more aware of the truths contained within Spiritualism, and also the After-Life etc. I have had personal experience of this. If I may, can I reproduce here an extract from a Biography written on my life as a medium and healer? The following extract taken from the book relates directly to the topic being discussed. Many thanks.
    Sometimes it can take a long time before a person in Spirit can communicate with their loved ones on earth, and yet at other times it can be very quick. Once such instance of a very quick communication came through the spirit person having seen a movie, just prior to their death. Osborne says that many of the more recent movies, such as “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg, prepare people for death, and the Spirit World has confirmed this.
    A young woman came to see him for a private reading. She no sooner walked through the door than Osborne said to her, “A young man has followed you through the door” and then gave his name to her. “He said he was your fiance’ ” added Osborne. She was 19 years of age and very composed, but as soon as Osborne gave the name of the young man, she became very emotional, and broke down and sobbed her heart out. After consoling her for some minutes, Osborne continued, “Do you know he is only saying one thing to me. He is saying, ‘If it was not for us going to see the movie “Ghost” last Thursday evening, I would not have known what had happened to me”.
    When Osborne relayed this message to her, she looked stunned, and then began to cry and laugh at the same time. She looked up at Osborne and said: “That’s incredible”. She then explained that on the previous Thursday evening, both herself and her fiancé had visited the cinema and saw the movie “Ghost”. All the way home in the car her fiancé kept saying to her “Do you really think it’s real that there is life after death? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was true?”. She said the movie seemed to have an effect on him.
    Unfortunately, on the following Saturday after the movie, they had gone to the new home they had purchased. Her fiancée’ had climbed underneath the house to turn on the air conditioning with a screw driver, but tragically, placed the screwdriver in the wrong position. He was electrocuted and died instantly. When she visited Osborne, it was just two days later, and the funeral arrangements had not even been made at this stage. His physical body was yet to be buried, and here he was, standing beside her, relaying messages to Osborne’s clairaudient hearing. Obviously the bond between them had been very strong.
    This example of Spirit communication highlights how films can open the awareness of people to the realization of life after death. It was not the only occasion that Osborne has had messages to this effect. Several other communicators have talked about the film “Ghost” as helping them when they had passed over.

  5. The best film that shows how the mediumsistic ability works is Sixth Sense. I as a medium know that some spirits probably have not come to terms with their state and sometimes appear as they did to the boy in the film. The psychiatrist character was compeletely unaware of that so carried on his daily life as he saw it. I think this shows that Spirit people can be confused as to their state in some cases. The spirit realm is not a place but a state of higher consciousness which comes to the fore when a person passes. The whole of the spiritual realm is intertwined with this one and hence our spirits are not completely ensconced in our bodies.

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