All tied up

Sue Farrow reports on an exceedingly clever communication from the late Tom Harrison.

Michael Bagan, medium and cabbie

It’s not often that spirit messages come all tied up in neat little packages, but it seems that’s exactly what Tom Harrison managed to do just two-and-a-half weeks after his passing on October 23.

As medium Michael Bagan lay fast asleep on the night of November 10, he became aware of Tom standing by his bed. Michael and Tom had met only once, about six month ago, but that was enough for Michael to know the identity of his nocturnal visitor.

“He was smartly dressed in a suit,” said Michael, “and wearing a strange black tie. It was really narrow, not pointed at the bottom like ties normally are, it was square.”

Tom proceeded to give Michael a good deal of further evidence, some of it very detailed indeed, but Michael couldn’t understand why Tom kept on pointing to the tie he was wearing.

Still puzzled by Tom’s reasons for making such a big deal of the tie, Michael, a London cabbie, set off for work in his taxi. A few hours later his mobile rang. It was another taxi driver, who knew that Michael sometimes went to churches and wore a suit. Someone had given him a tie, he said, and he wondered if it might be of any use to Michael.

“I went all hot and cold,” said Michael. “I asked him what colour it was, and when he said ‘black’ I was stunned.” They arranged to meet in an hour so that Michael could have the tie. Opening the package, he was a whole lot more stunned when he saw that the tie it contained was not only black, it was also very narrow and square at the bottom.

“It was unreal,” Michael told me. “The hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I couldn’t believe it.”

Tom’s wife Ann was delighted to hear the tale of the tie and the taxi drivers. She told me: “This is amazing evidence, or as Tom would say ‘proof’ for Michael that it really was him communicating. Tom had a good collection of ties including a black one for funerals but nothing like the one described and then given to Michael. To show him something which had not entered Michael’s life or mine was Tom’s way of showing him it was not just a dream. The other pieces of evidence were accurate and very pertinent to me. They gave me a lift when I was about to start on the long journey back to our home in Spain but this is particularly good for Michael and his mediumship.”

Those who knew Tom in this life will not be in the least surprised that he should have managed such an ingeniously evidential communication so soon after arriving in the spirit world. He was a stickler for the highest and best in evidence while he was here, and it seems he hasn’t changed a bit.

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7 responses to “All tied up

  1. Terry Gardener

    This is absolutely brilliant news! A tireless worker for Spirit all his physical life…. Still doing it on the other side!

  2. How fantastic is that! What a brilliant way to show you are there!

  3. Well done Tom and well done Michael. You are coming on in leaps and bounds. Keep at it mate.

  4. I only met Tom once some years back when he came to Westbury Park Bristol.
    He brought along many apports and of course his video and a signed book as a keepsake.
    He certainly impressed myself and friends.
    Love and Light, John.

  5. I think this is so typical of a great man for the Spiritualist movement

  6. Fabulous, I met Tom a couple of times and attended one of his lectures.
    He was a great ambassador for spirit when alive and looks like he is carrying on now he has passed.

  7. How lovely. Made me most emotional.

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