Chenery-Wickens appeal thrown out

David Chenery-Wickens

A Spiritualist minister who murdered his wife has failed in his appeal against his conviction and will remain in jail.

Three top judges at the Court of Appeal found that the original verdict on David Chenery-Wickens, 53, a minister from Duddeswell, near Uckfield, Sussex, had been “fair and proper” and rejected his “unarguable” appeal.

The case of Chenery-Wickens, who gives himself the title of The Reverend, was widely reported in Psychic News.

He killed Diane, his wife of eleven years, after she discovered his affairs with several other women.

Diane, an award winning TV make-up artist, disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Her husband, questioned by police and subsequently arrested, has never revealed what happened to her.

According to the Brighton Argus, reporting on the recent appeal, Diane’s remains were found by a dog-walker on May 15 last year, in Little Horsted, one mile from the Lavender Line railway where Chenery-Wickens worked.

2 responses to “Chenery-Wickens appeal thrown out

  1. I hadn’t heard about this before, but the fact that he killed his wife and screwed around with other women sure shows it’s not how spiritually evolved you consider yourself to be that matters. What you do to others shows the truth of who you are.

  2. He didn´t see that coming then?

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