Taking up the challenge

The long-awaited autobiography of Eric Hatton, respected honorary president of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), will be published on December 30.

Entitled Taking up the Challenge, it chronicles more than six decades of experience at the heart of Spiritualism, beginning with an account of the personal tragedy which set the author on a journey of investigation that continues to this day.

The book includes breathtaking examples of the phenomena of Spiritualism, some of which, regrettably, are no longer available to Spiritualists of today.

Writing in his foreword to the book, journalist and author Roy Stemman highlights the importance of this testimony.

“It is when he shares with us some of his personal mediumistic experiences that Eric’s account takes on special significance. It was these paranormal events, after all, that formed the foundation on which his life of service has been based. And since he tells of the most amazing phenomena in such down-to-earth language, his testimony carries even greater weight.

“Some of these happenings are so extraordinary – including witnessing several fully-formed materialised spirits walking and talking in good light – that many readers may doubt Eric’s testimony, and even his sanity. But not those who know him. Careful, cautious and considered, he would be the perfect witness in a court of law.”

Taking up the Challenge also contains a behind-the-scenes look at events within the SNU, and for the first time sets out the facts relating to the ending of Eric’s own presidency. His career as a successful businessman provides a fascinating counterpoint to his work for spirit and serves to underline his level-headed approach to all things, whether physical or metaphysical.

Taking up the Challenge is published by Saturday Night Press Publications, priced at £10.50. It can be pre-ordered from amazon.co.uk

2 responses to “Taking up the challenge

  1. Lovely to see P N appearing again. Keep up the good work. May all who work with and read P N have a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year


  2. James Garaty

    Why does Spiritualism, 150 years on, with a wealth of indisputable evidence, have to go on a self-distrust?
    I am an Australian and have seen far too many groups start up only to self-distrust through ego and or their one-sided attitude, over the past forty years.
    There has been a wealth of persons who have carried on only to be exhausted in their effort.
    Please let all Spiritualists join together in a common bond to move foward as this planet moves into the new age, where people who are seeking spiritual enlightment will find answers that are not available through orthodox religion.
    Please stop self-distrusting.
    Love & Light

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