Accrington Family’s Christmas

The five children of courageous Accrington mother Justine Hargreaves, who lost her battle with cancer in October, joined other members of the family at a candlelight Christmas service at Lancashire’s Great Harwood Spiritualist Church.

Justine’s sister Jannine, aimed to create a Christmas dinner just as their mother did for Jade, 17, Sam, 10, Nathaniel, 9, and 6-year-old twins Coral and Crystal. Jannine is raising her nephews and nieces with her partner Shaun Richardson and their own two children, Lloyd, 12, and Lacey, 2.

The candles lit in church were brought home to be re-lit on Christmas Day, along with two candles for the children’s father, Stuart, and their late grandfather, Gordon Hargreaves.

Grandmother Eileen Hargreaves told a reporter from This is Lancashire that Justine always liked to set a place at the Christmas table for Stuart and Gordon. She added, “The family is so big now we can’t set a place for them so we are lighting candles instead. This year we are doing the same for Justine.”

Eileen thought Christmas was a difficult time for the family, but added, “What gives you hope is how amazingly kind people have been. I think that was due to Justine. She made sure the children knew what was happening and what to expect, and they are all being well looked after now.”

Psychic News readers will recall the generous fund-raising on behalf of the family during Justine’s illness. Now friends have started raising money to buy the new extended family some transport. They hope to find a second-hand mini-bus in good condition for about £5,000.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Mo Collins on 01254 237803 or to visit the ‘Help Justine’ page on Facebook.

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