An interview with medium Michael Bagan

Michael Bagan, medium and cabbie

Medium Michael Bagan is becoming an increasingly popular figure on the platforms of churches and centres around the UK as word spreads of his ability to deliver exceptionally precise and accurate information from spirit communicators. Michael is unusual, though not alone, in that he has always refused payment for his mediumship. Here, he talks to Sue Farrow about his work and the people who motivate and inspire him.

Michael, do you enjoy working as a medium?

I enjoy the outcome of it when I see how the evidence helps people, especially the recently bereaved when it helps them move forward. The part I don’t enjoy is the nerves and self- doubt, the whole responsibility of mediumship.

Can you say something more about that feeling of responsibility?

You want the evidence to be absolutely right, because if it is it can be life-changing to someone who’s in pieces because of bereavement. If you get it wrong, or are blasé, it could have exactly the opposite effect. I always say to the spirit people who work with me that I want it to be really right or not at all.

If the spirit people are really there then they will have the detail – they are going to remember their first name, their surname and how they passed. Interpreting it is always the hard part. It can be about how you word things. For example, I gave a message to a lady from her son who had passed. I had his name and then I saw a dustman’s truck.

I didn’t know why I was being shown that truck. It turned out that her son had been run over by it. I also knew that the son had been killed abroad. Suddenly I was shown a turkey.  He was run over by the dustman’s truck in Turkey. The responsibility is in the interpretation and how you word it. You have to get it right.

You’ve never charged for your demonstrations or private readings, even though mediums have to pay the same bills as everyone else. Why is that?

I’m a London taxi driver and I earn my living from that. So at the moment I don’t need to charge for mediumship because I make my living in another way. The only downside is that I can’t do very many readings for people because with a family to support I can’t afford to take more than the occasional day off work.

You mentioned earlier that you get quite nervous before a demonstration. What was your most nerve-wracking experience so far?

It was demonstrating at Stansted for Psychic News. I was so nervous before I started that I thought I might have a heart attack!

What has been your most memorable experience on the platform, and why?

Oh, that would be Stourbridge church without a doubt. I had the chance to meet Eric Hatton and hear him give an address. The whole atmosphere at that place was incredible. The singing was like at a football match, and standing on the platform it really hit you. It was like a step back in time to the heyday of Spiritualism. So many people – maybe 150? They had a real family community feel.

Will you be going back there?

Yes, I was asked to go back and I am really looking forward to it.

Would you describe yourself as a Spiritualist?

I’m not into all the rules and regulations of the churches. But when I went to Stourbridge it felt like I was at home. If that is what Spiritualism is all about then yes, I guess I’m a Spiritualist.

Are you the only medium in your family?

As far as I know I am. One side of my family is Scottish and the other is Irish. One of my relatives is a Catholic priest and I am named after him. Quite a few of the family are Catholics.

Do your fellow cabbies know that you’re a medium?

A few of them do, but not many.  I guess they sort of sit on the fence about whether they believe in it or not but they’ve always been supportive of the fact that I do it.

And finally, who are the people that inspire you most?

I’m really inspired by people like Gordon Higginson. I never met him but I’ve watched and listened to recordings of lots of his lectures and demonstrations. He seems so down to earth and had such outstanding mediumship. I’m also inspired by Mike Hunter, Gerard Smith and Eileen Davies. Mike just has a normal job like I do, and he and Gerard and Eileen just seem to do their mediumship for the right reasons.

They are spiritual and non-judgemental and really committed to giving the highest quality evidence to uplift people. They seem so genuine and without ego and have a passion for helping people – there’s none of  the big ‘I am’ about them. I would like to be like that – always trying to help and uplift the people who need it.

For further information about Michael’s work, please visit

11 responses to “An interview with medium Michael Bagan

  1. His story inspires me to continue trusting & doing similar “work.”

  2. I’m glad to hear the words of another medium who is able to make a living and do his work for the sake of the work itself. I have never had a problem with mediums earning a living, as do priests, ministers, rabbis and Imams, but I believe we are called in many ways, to show that the variety of occupations can also be a spiritual expression of our committments.
    Dr. Paul D. Biscop, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, Resident Medium, Two
    Worlds Spiritualist Centre, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  3. What a wonderful inspiring article..Thank you

  4. What a wonderful article. It is so refreshing to see there are people like Michael out there, who says he earns enough from his regular job and is clearly not into the ‘greedy’ side of mediumship. I am also a medium and, although I do charge, it is my main income and helps to cover the cost of courses which I still like to attend, even though I am also a tutor. It is also quite a modest fee compared to some. However, I never charge bereaved parents. It is my way of ‘giving something back’. It’s just a shame I can’t afford to do that for every sitter or church.
    Thank you for this article. It is lovely to read such positive news for a change.

  5. Geoff Langford

    I very much enjoyed this article, Michael Bagan comes across as a very sincere and caring man. I think I would very much enjoy a reading given by him. I feel sure that we will hear more of this man in the future.

  6. Hi, i met Mick many years ago in London and I have to say he is possibly the best medium I have come across. We became firm friends but sadly lost touch, would love to get back in touch with a very special person, please can you pass my email address on to mick and tell him Tasha (miles) says hi, he will know who i am!!! A very gifted and genuine person who truley loves his gift. You will not meet a nicer person. Much love to mick!xxx

  7. I just had a reading with Mike after suffering a really harrowing and unexpected bereavement. I lost my 19 year old son. I was so overcome with grief that I was ready to almost give up. But then I was asked to contact Mike, and he knew nothing about me. The information he gave was 100% accurate about so many of my family who had passed over. There were things that I didn’t even know until I researched them later. He is such a gift to humanity with his mediumship. He gave me the will and the strength to carry on after the loss of my precious son. As he said himself, his reassurance was life-changing for me. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me xxx

    • I am so pleased your reading was successful with Mick and he gave you some peace in your hour of need. I wish you all the best for your future. Love and light. Tasha.xx

    • Vanda
      How do you get in touch with Micheal Bagan please?

  8. Tom

    Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. I found a beautiful website that focuses on physical mediumship – please see the following link:

    Anyway, the lady that runs this site, Donna, can be contacted on the following email:

    Donna very kindly gave me Michael’s phone number and I called and made an appointment. I have lost the number now, but in any case would be loathe to broadcast it on here. So you should email Donna and she most likely will give it to you. Michael is a wonderful man, who has a great gift, and is very interested in physical mediumship. He doesn’t charge for his readings, and what he told me was 100% accurate. He even told me a couple of things that I didn’t validate at first, but, on reflection, I knew exactly what he was referring to!

    Good luck, and I hope he can bring some comfort to you too.


  9. Thank you Vanda,
    I to am sorry for getting back ,I have been in Sotland,and in middle of putting home up for sale.
    Will search the information you gave me.
    Love and Light to you Vanda


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