Dowsing and your intuitive potential

Experienced dowser Jim Warwood is the leader of a Spiritualist mission in Adelaide, Australia. Here, he takes a look at the mysterious world of dowsing and explains why he believes it is a psychic skill.

One psychic skill that has gained a level of acceptance is dowsing. In addition to its use by many farmers to find water, especially in Australia, around the world dowsers have received substantial payments for successfully finding valuable ore and oil deposits.

1556 Woodcut Dowsing For Metal from G Agricola De Re Metallica

I believe it is a psychic ability, although the dowser who taught me denied he was either a medium or a psychic. He thought dowsing allowed us to receive the information by connecting our personal unconscious with the collective unconscious, and suggested that this shared record of existence provided the vast external store of information required in dowsing.

The act of dowsing together with the questions asked form the connection required, triggering a reaction in the dowsing implement. I think this view is entirely compatible with the concept of psychic intuition. Dowsing is a skill that does not involve spirit contact. When I teach dowsing, spoon bending or psychometry, I do not link this with spirit in any way. My intention is to teach the potential of our untapped abilities as a first step to understanding the difference from contact with spirit. Indeed dowsing and psychometry are techniques that I find have the greatest effectiveness in helping people to understand their own psychic intuitive processes.

Comparative brain wave patterns

The two most obvious tools of dowsers are divining rods and pendulum. As a starting place, to learn basic skills, the pendulum is best. It can be as simple or complex as you like. Just about any simple object will work attached to any string. You can buy special pendulums, or make your own, as I like to do for my courses. Also, a pendulum may be hollowed out to allow target materials to be placed in it. Alternatively, at little cost, this can replicated with a 35 millimetre film container with the string passed into a hole in the centre of the top. Once you have chosen a pendulum, you need to become centred and focus clearly upon what you are to do. As with any other intuitive work you need to specify your intention.

Initially, you must gain control over the pendulum and become aware of its responses for ‘yes/no’, or ‘information unavailable’. This needs to be checked each time you start to dowse.

Once you are certain of the way the pendulum responds then it’s time to establish whether or not it is appropriate to dowse.

If you are dowsing about a person then ensure that they have granted permission. Then, while holding the pendulum above the palm chakra, ask your higher self three questions: May I? Am I permitted to know the answer? Can I? Am I able to get the right answer? Should I? In dowsing there are other rules to consider. For example, you need to be neither emotionally involved nor attached to the answer sought.

The question should be asked impartially as though by an observer and phrased in a precise way. Water divining is a good example of this need for precision. If you wish to find a source of usable water you must phrase the question so that the water to be located is both fit to drink and at a depth that is practicable. To prevent self-delusion, dowsers must be discerning as they appraise answers received, the better to ensure that the information can be verified. Like any purely psychic work, it is a tiring practice, so do not spend long periods dowsing.

So what can you do with dowsing and why would you use it? A favourite of mine has been in helping to map and try to improve the energies in houses; to monitor, by use of a dowsing rod, the natural movements of those energies flowing around our planet, noting the pattern of negative and positive flows with their crossing points. Next, the energetic influences of underground water, electricity meter boards and the energies generated by refrigerators, are added to the map. Some of these can be modified by the dowser, but others may require furniture rearrangement to avoid problem areas.

Dr Joseph Kopp, geologist, effects of underground streams

Investigations, predominantly carried out in Germany, have produced evidence which suggests that the negative energies and their intersections can be harmful to health. This work has received a fancy name, ‘geopathic stress’, and in some regions of Europe a survey is mandatory on any block where a house is to be built.

Map dowsing with a pendulum is enormously helpful in many ways. Indeed before visiting houses I pre-map the energy lines. A pendulum can also be used by a spiritual healer to identify problem areas before a patient arrives. A picture of the individual is not needed, just a diagram of a body. The initial indications can then be confirmed when the person arrives, for example, by using the palm chakras as dowsing instruments and sensing those areas. ‘Long Drop’ dowsing, developed by Tom Lethbridge, suggests that if a long string is used you can establish the respective length of string that represents the vibration of all objects and colours.

Once the correct length is found the pendulum rotates 20 times and stops. If you get people to meditate in a focused way to put the energy of a given colour into a glass of water they are holding, this method will show that the colour energy is actually there.

There are many uses for dowsing, often as adjuncts to other psychic or spiritual work. In addition to giving us some wonderful insights into the natural energy forces that surround us it can be used in such simple ways as determining where to plant things in the garden. Dowsing can also be great fun, especially when students hit their first sacred spiral and enjoy the laughter as they follow each other around the circles formed by this.

The risks of dowsing Spirals energies by Ian Thomson ©1976

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