Tom Harrison as busy as ever

Tom Harrison

We report on another timely communication from the late Tom Harrison.

Tom Harrison, son of the great materialisation medium Minnie Harrison and lifelong Spiritualist, passed in October 2010 and has since been busy making contact with friends new and old on this side of life (see the article All Tied Up in the December issue of SPN).

Some time before his passing Tom had told his friend of many years, Eric Boyd, that he had spirit awareness and should develop it.  Although not himself a Spiritualist, Eric says that he often uses “Tom’s protection prayer before opening my mind to all good spirits.”

In early November, the night before he was to have an operation, “nearly all the spirits I have ever seen in these situations” says Eric “popped in to give me energy for the following day.” The visiting spirits included relatives and many friends, although Tom was not present. “There was however a new spirit” continues Eric, referring to her as “JMC”, a lady with psychic awareness and a strong personality. She had passed in February 2010, and on this night was manifesting so strongly “that she seemed to take charge of the event”. Eric had been aware before of JMC’s presence, but had never ‘seen’ her psychically.

In the small hours of November 25, home from hospital, Eric was in bed, unable to sleep. He “opened [his] mind to friendly spirits”, but for a long time nothing happened. Then Eric felt an urge to tell a favourite joke of Tom’s.

Bin man:         ‘Where’s your bin?’
Chinaman:       ‘I’s bin to China’
Bin man:         ‘No where’s your dustbin?’
Chinaman:      ‘I dust bin to China’
Bin man:         ‘No, where’s your wheelie dustbin?’
Chinaman:      ‘I weelie dust bin to China’

Almost at once Eric was aware of Tom in the top right hand corner of his mind’s eye, laughing and saying “Yer daft beggar! Thanks, Son” – as Tom always called Eric. A crowd of spirit friends then arrived, and Tom insisted that Eric introduce him to them all. “There was a real party atmosphere.”

The introductions over – as he thought — Eric was suddenly aware of JMC saying that he had not introduced her. “I had to get Tom back, which was remarkably easy.” The introduction made, Tom and JMC seemed to have a long chat. “Both were smiling.”

His job finished, Eric was feeling exhausted after what had been one of the most vivid encounters he had ever known with the spirit world. But the night continued as it had begun; could Eric now, at last, drop off to sleep? No. At 2.00 am he decided to make the best of the situation, and wrote it all down so that he wouldn’t forget it.

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