Swedenborg Foundation launches book proposal contest

Emanuel Swedenborg (January 29, 1688 – March 29, 1772), Swedish scientist, philosopher and theologian.

Do you have an idea for a new book? If so, you could be in line to win a cash award.

Publishers Weekly announces a new book proposal contest launched by the Swedenborg Foundation/General Church of the New Jerusalem, based in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. The Swedenborg Foundation published the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg.

The author of the winning book proposal will receive a cash award of $1,500. Three runners-up in every category will receive $500 each and the possibility of review for publication. Awards will be presented at a special ceremony.

The four categories are (1) The afterlife (2) Living a spiritual life (3) Biblical commentary from a Swedenborg/New Church perspective (4) “Swedenborg for dummies” – explaining theological concepts in an accessible way.

Formats can include inspirational gift books, guidebooks, scholarly research, illustrated books, fiction or non-fiction. For further information and entry forms, go to www.swedenborg.com or www.newchurch.org.

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