The 2012 prophecies and the Mayan calendar

Lis Warwood takes an objective look at the much-publicised 2012 prophecies and concludes that there is little common ground between them and the philosophy of Spiritualism.

Officially at least, Spiritualism places no credence in the 2012 doomsday prophecies or the Mayan calendar.

Despite this, I doubt there are many Spiritualist churches or development groups without adherents to some of the ideas widely promulgated about a coming year of cataclysmic change for our world.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that speakers at more than a few churches have explored this impending global event. This is certainly the case in Australia, though perhaps the influence of ‘New Age’ beliefs has had greater impact here than in the UK.

The Mayan Pyramid – stairway to heaven or just a stairway?

As Spiritualists we could just ignore the issue and hope, as was the case with all previous ascension-type prophecies, that these ideas will fade away as the year 2012 arrives and the prophesied events do not. But, as they say, forewarned is forearmed, and understanding what is being forecast may enable Spiritualists both to talk logically about the subject with its adherents and, as has been necessary in the past, to help deal with many people’s confusion and distress if what is expected fails to happen.

A conviction is widespread that the world is on the brink of a new enlightenment, that in 2012 there will be a miraculous upliftment of the human race. Ideas range widely about how this will happen. Alien beings may enable those spiritually advanced enough to ‘ascend’ and be transported to another dimension of existence. Alternatively, a sudden alteration in our DNA may cause some spiritual change in humankind.

Movie poster for director Roland Emmerich’s end-of-the-world blockbuster 2012, released in 2009

Others are convinced that rather than a cosmic upliftment in 2012 there will be a series of cataclysmic events, among them the shifting of the earth’s poles, the sinking and rising of land masses and the reappearance of Atlantis. In this scenario, not only will there be no great advancement of humankind, but civilisation as we know it will be destroyed.

In the context of the current 2012 prophecies both the adherents of cosmic upliftment and those who believe the year will see cataclysmic earth movements look to the Mayan calendar to support their beliefs.

So what does the Mayan calendar actually predict? In reality it predicts the end of what is known as a ‘Grand Cycle’.

An example of the Mayan calendar

A Grand Cycle consists of 13 baktuns, each numbering 144,000 days, a grand total of 1,872,000 days or 5,139.44 solar years. This is said to represent the number of days that have passed since the supposed beginning of the present world, apparently determined by an unknown priest in the year 236 B.C.

The Mayan calendar blends a sacred almanac of 260 days and a slightly later secular calendar of 365 days, 18 periods of 20 days and one of 5 days. These have been defined by the researchers as the ‘Long Count’. The calendars are a remarkable piece of work covering two very different cycles of time which are cross-referenced in a separate codex.

The Grand Cycle recorded in the calendars ends in 2012. There is no mention of cataclysmic events or cosmic upliftment. The Mayan elders suggest that such interpretations are incorrect and they appear to be significantly less concerned about 2012 than the many non-Mayan interpreters of the calendars.

Aztec Calendar produced after the Mayan calendar but often used as an illustration of the Mayan version

Interestingly, previous cycle changes in the Mayan calendar appear to coincide with times of geologically confirmed upheaval for the planet, including the sinking of lands and destruction of cities.

Such parallels have resulted in many people linking the Mayan calendar to myths of Atlantis, the idea of man’s arrival from the stars, tales of the apocalypse, the destruction of our earth, and the ending of days when the calendar runs out.

There is little common ground between the philosophy of Spiritualism and the prophecies associated with the year 2012. The idea that some people, more spiritually aware or evolved than the rest of the human race, will be transformed or saved, while others will perish and cease to exist – not pass to spirit and/or have further opportunities for spiritual evolution – is an intrinsically elitist concept that flies in the face of Spiritualism’s principles.

Since Spiritualism began, many wise ones in the spirit realms have spoken to us about the role our earth world plays in the evolution of spirit, and how our physical lives are opportunities for spiritual growth and discovery. They have spoken of the indestructible nature of the human spirit, how it will survive death and will, whether in this world or the next, continue to evolve and progress as greater understanding of our true spiritual nature and purpose unfolds. Spirit has assured us that the physical world operates in accordance with natural laws which apply to us all, and to all that exists.

Mayan calendar cartoon, sadly using the Aztec calendar

It must be said, however, that the history of the planet earth reveals that there have been major cataclysms in the past.

It would be foolish to ignore the possibility of future risks, especially when we consider the intolerable load we, as physical beings, place upon the planet.

The earth is a living organism which may from time to time become destabilised, whether by human actions or as a result of the forces and energies surrounding it.

It is not beyond the realms of probability that some catastrophic event might occur and many would die. If this was to happen, even if it were to happen in 2012, I am confident that all who died would return to our home in spirit.

Recognising the fundamental urge of all of us to find enlightenment, and at the same time reminding ourselves of what spirit has conveyed to us about earthly existence and survival of death, we can perhaps put the 2012 prophecies into better perspective, and even use them as an opportunity to focus our thoughts on sending out love and healing to our world and all who exist upon it.

Who knows, doing that just might avert a disaster, and ultimately result in everyone achieving a higher level of spiritual awareness.

12 responses to “The 2012 prophecies and the Mayan calendar

  1. I totally agree with Lis, and have an article on my website that says similar. As for suddenly moving or being transported to another dimension, I think most of us call this ‘death!’ We transcend to the spirit world!
    Earthquakes etc have always happened, it is the natural rebalancing of earth energies (everything is energy, including our thoughts, so be aware of what you think). Regards, Jim.

  2. Excellent article, regards, Jim.

  3. Margaret Keynes

    Liz Warwood has certainly hit the “Spiritualist” nail on the head (sorry for the pun) with this article. Many people seem to be really concerned about the year 2012 – perhaps we do like to talk of doom and gloom.
    However, there is another enlightening article on: – this by Will Hart, and entitled: “End of the the Fifth Sun” – which explains pretty much what the Mayan calendar was all about, and how 2012 comes into its own. This was the first sensible scientific paper I had read, until Liz’s one (above) complemented it by bringing in the Spiritualist aspect.

  4. Margaret Keynes

    Apologies Lis, for spelling your first name wrongly. Perhaps I really do need to go to “Specsavers”!

  5. I live in Canada, and as this author and those who reply state, there are a lot of people who need to advertise and sell and provide their ‘proof’ regarding 2012. There are opposing camps that need to argue. They each need to be right.

    I have been misled many times, regarding many issues. A lot of times people direct their lives from too limited choices. What if there are more than only two or three choices?

    Fortunately, in my investigations, I have also learned more skills of evaluation, I sometimes ask better, more comprehensive questions, not seeking simple answers. The answers are as complex as they are. Life is as complex or as simple as it is. If something can be simple enough that even I can understand it, great, but I don’t want simplification by elimination. If it’s too complex, or if it’s just too hard for me to understand, then that’s okay, that doesn’t mean I want to deny it or put it out of my mind.

    Often times when I was trying to understand something, I was either not bringing enough elements to bear, or muddying the water with too many less relevant variables. Many ideas or possibilities, even personalities, that I would have easily, completely, cast aside in the past, I have learned to allow within my range of possible acceptability, possible workability, while trying to separate what is gobbledy-gook from what may turn out to be some element of truth.

    There are people who have spiritual inspirations are also physicists and biologists, artists and poets. Indeed, some of their spiritual inspiration has helped them in progressing their work. Some of these have also spent decades studying ecosystems of the earth and the motions of the heavens. Some of those same people have attempted to behave as morally as they could figure out and to provide people with ecosystemic air to breathe, water to drink and to water plants, nutritional food to eat, shelter, energy production, waste processing, etc. To help us live more in harmony with the life that supports us. In spite of governments, banks and big business that would obstruct them every step of the way.

    Disregarding specific dates and calendars, I don’t think any of us can deny that we, and everything in our environment is constantly changing. There is a constant metabolism of building up (multiplying, combining), sustaining and breaking down (recycling).
    There are seasons, there are cycles, none of them identical,
    none of them going back to the exact same point of origin.
    The moon revolves around the Earth, Earth and moon are moving apart.
    The Earth, with its moon, moves around the sun. The Earth is moving closer to the sun. Slowly but surely. The sun also moves around a the centre of the galaxy, in a wave-like motion.

    We are born, we grow, change, die. We change at every moment. The things that matter to us change. Even our sources of inspiration can grow and change.

    There are those who support a status quo, who insist that things must stay the way they are, that things must be monumentalized, that the future is an extrapolation of the past. Life, on the other hand, is transitory, ephemeral. That which is often what we consider most beautiful is also very short in duration.

    While the deadline of Dec. 21, 2012, will be hotly debated, perhaps mostly in North America, and much money will be made, I wish to at least keep an open mind. Not about 2012, but about change and what change is possible, what change can I conceive of? Our environments will continue to change, whether we are in the physical, or not, and we may not know what those changes produce. If there are inspirers who do not have all the answers, that’s really okay. To inspire someone, you only have to be one or two steps ahead anyway. But if there are inspirers, who can shed some further light on what has truly happened in the past, what is truly happening now and what will happen, and how we can morally participate with it, I’d like to be in contact with them.

  6. My spirit guide was asked by someone what we can expect after December 2012. His reassuring answer was “January 2013”. 😉

  7. Phil Hotchkin

    In her excellent book “Angel Answers” Diana Cooper writes that ‘Lady Gaia, the vast angel in charge of the Earth, has decreed that Earth and all on her must rise in consciousness, so if you are ready, you will have an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth, a chance unique to these times. Every 26,000 years, there is a rare and extraordinary astrological alignment between Earth, the sun and the Milky Way when time stands still for a moment. This is known as a cosmic moment, a time of the unknown and miraculous, when things beyond human comprehension may happen. This is to take place on 21st December 2012 at the winter solstice.
    The angels will be congregating to help us except the new energy which will be available then. They ask us to prepare ourselves by setting aside time for prayer and meditation or if this is difficult for some simply light a candle and ask the divine forces to help you. This is an important day for our spiritual growth and that of everyone on this planet.
    The current projection is that some people will move into the fourth dimension, while a few, who are ready, will ascend. Others will stay to act as beacons of light to guide those on Earth who are waking up at this time. It is expected that millions of souls will avail themselves of this unique spiritual opportunity for enlightenment’.
    For more information buy the book from ‘Waterstones’ and read what is happening to our planet.

  8. I’m open to lots of possibilities,
    I can appreciate possible effects from increased energies
    as we move closer to the centre of the galaxy,
    possible effects from cyclic alignments, etc.,
    especially when multiple things happen simultaneously
    or nearly simultaneously,
    but I don’t understand this concept of time standing still.
    I would appreciate if someone could really explain that.

  9. Phil Hotchkin

    Diana Cooper’s Angel Guides do not amplify on the ‘cosmic moment’ when time stands still during the galactic alignment with the Earth on 21st December 2012. We can only presume it will be similar to the moment depicted in the original film ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ made in 1951 which was not renacted in the remake of 2009. Lady Gaia says that Earth is the microcosm at the heart of the macrocosm and as such has a pivitol role in its future progression in the universe. Planet Earth will ascend in 2012 from the third dimension to the fifth dimensional frequency. This means that a shift has to take place, the first time this has happened in 26,ooo years. The cosmos depends on humanity raising its consciousness to meet this challenge for the Earth. The 25 year purification of the Earth ends in 2012, this has seen devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, fires and disease, which has resulted in thousands of souls leaving the planet and taken with them negative energy to be healed and transmuted in the spirit world. The heartfelt prayers offered worldwide in response to the traumas everywhere have helped to purify every continent. Yet there is much more to do.

  10. ignorant to what isnt immediate

  11. Thank you for your answer, Phil.
    However, I still don’t understand the process.
    The 26,000, give or take, yes, that is a cyclic event.
    But ‘time standing still’, or long days and nights, in historical writings
    has corresponded to the flipping or shifting of the poles.
    I wouldn’t presume that what discarnate or angelic being is saying
    corresponds to a movie made in 1951.
    There may be some similarities, but also differences.

    I recently came across a website called Shift of the Ages,
    involving native groups, elders, storytellers, moviemakers,
    who have spent at least 6 years learning and working together.
    (Not to be confused with David Wilcock’s book: Shift of the Ages,
    though it is quite a good book too.)
    They do not focus on the particular date that some need to focus on –
    that deadline mentality is just not there for them
    and they say it never has been, that this is conjured by westerners.
    These Mayans refer to the shift time as a ‘changing of the sun’.
    They look at it as a very transformative time.
    Nothing I’ve read regarding Mayan prophecy,
    spoken or written by Mayans themselves,
    ever refers to it as ‘doomsday’.
    I’d still like to know what ‘changing of the sun’ actually entails.
    Maybe this is answered in their movie which comes out sometime in 2011.

    Phil, what does ‘purification’ actually mean?
    It sounds nice, but what does it mean?

    Thank you,

  12. helen mcmaster

    its a realy interesting subject im very surprised nobody in the spiritualist churches hasnt done an address on this. i beleive there would be a lot of people would fined this interesting give them a lot to think about.

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