Start the debate!

By Sue Farrow

Welcome to the latest issue of Spirit of PN. It’s hard to believe that four months have gone by since we launched the successor to Psychic News.

This edition is packed with thought-provoking features and news, beginning with the first debate in our new series For and Against. The series is close to my heart because I believe passionately that Spiritualists and all who are interested in spiritual matters should have a platform to discuss important issues and express their views freely.

So, our debates are not just about the views of their authors – those views are meant to provide a starting point for open discussion. Use our comments facility to tell us your own opinions – and don’t hold back! As long as they’re expressed politely, they’ll appear here. You’ll also be able to vote on the debate.  Are you persuaded of the case for or the case against? Click on our voting link and we’ll review the results in the next issue.

This month’s debate deals with the controversial subject of reincarnation. Is it fact or fiction? Perhaps you already hold strong views on the subject. If, like many, you’re undecided, this is a unique opportunity to read and weigh up the exchanges between two respected commentators on Spiritualism – Roy Stemman and Leslie Price. Roy was assistant editor of PN under Maurice Barbanell and has written and researched extensively on reincarnation. Leslie is renowned for his historical research on Spiritualism and has founded/contributed to a number of publications.

In other features, Jim Warwood takes a practical look at the pleasures and pitfalls of running an open circle, while Geoff Griffiths explains why he believes knowledge of our pioneers – those he calls Spiritualism’s “heroes and sheroes” – is so important today. Paul Brett reviews the headline-grabbing film The King’s Speech and suggests a possible sequel to it, and our own Kay Hunter rounds up some of the latest news. You can also read Lis Warwood’s Snippets from the Past – an occasional column featuring a tiny historical piece with an unusual or unexpected twist.

Looking ahead, in next month’s issue we put the spotlight on one of the UK’s most respected centres – Bournemouth Spiritualist Church – and feature Lew Sutton and Leslie Price in a debate For and Against physical mediumship.

Last but not least, we’re delighted to announce that SPN now has its own Amazon shop, featuring a wide range of books on Spiritualism and spiritual topics. You can find it here. By ordering via our link, you’ll pay the usual Amazon price and you’ll also be helping SPN to expand and develop.

9 responses to “Start the debate!

  1. Stephen Childs

    Well done Sue and team for creating an open forum with key articles to stimulate debate and share the legacy of our great tradition

  2. Chris Johnson

    How about a debate on: Mediums – do spiritual work and profit mix? Does profit take over as less spiritual guides or earthly influences butt in?

  3. A great introduction to issue 4 ! Am certainly encouraged to read more…
    Just a mention on the SPN Amazon store – about time ! Since the decline of PN Bookshop, there is little real choice for a Spiritualist seeking to browse the subject acurately.
    When most library compilers don’t seem to get it right, and Amazon and the larger online book suppliers have so many catagories, with a real mish-mash of titles, it’s refreshing to finally see a Spiritualism range – with just that – books on Spiritualism. Brilliant !!

  4. Great idea to get some debate going about physical mediumship. I am looking forward to that. I think we wouldn’t have Spiritualism without it – what was Hydesville if not physical!

    • I agree with you Claire about Hydesville. I look forward to next month’s debate because it is time the whole issue of physical mediumship was aired freely.

  5. Chris Johnson

    Good Idea Claire, the subject, like reincarnation is often tabo in Spiritualist groups, but Physical Mediumship is practiced by so many “official” bodies, well away from Spiritual work, it works and needs to be debated.
    I am fortunate to have sat with several Physical Mediums, not only the big names on TV and of the old, Nohas’ Ark Society. Pitty we are unable to get that afloat again, sunk by greed and ego That takes me back to my first post!

    • Physical Mediumship when carefully supervised by experienced persons, is in my opinion, the ‘backbone’ of Spiritualism. I have been fortunate to sit with Gordon Higginson, (where my friend Jack Wakeling materialised and spoke to me, and to his wife Betty Wakeling who was seated next to me). I have also sat with Leslie Flint, hearing the direct voice. Also Stewart Alexander where I experienced the phenomena of partial dematerialisation of the mediums body, along with trumpet phenomena, some of which occurred impromptu in my own seance room.
      It normally takes a number of years to develop this type of phenomena, sitting with dedication, and patience, alas, something which seems difficult to get in days where instant results are usually expected!

  6. Great Issue again Sue. Great idea about the debates also, looking forward to reading peoples views and taking part.

  7. I applaud the work that you are doing with regards to P.N. I understand that you are probably working flat out but, would it be possible to produce it in such a format that readers could download it onto an ereader ?
    Kindest regards,

    Geoff Langford

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