Aviva’s new advert from the ‘afterlife’

Aviva, a major force in the world of insurance, has ventured into the ‘afterlife’ with its latest TV advertising campaign.

The aim is to engage the four in ten adults in the UK – nearly twenty million people – who have no financial protection.

Actor Paul Whitehouse, who has worked on The Fast Show, and with comedian Harry Enfield, appears in the advert as a father who is expressing his peace of mind, knowing that his family is financially secure.

His daughter can go to university, while his son can continue to enjoy his swimming lessons. At the end of the advert, viewers realise that the father is ‘dead’ and speaking from the next world.

Ghost Dad: Actor Paul Whitehouse plays a 'dead' father watching his family leave on holiday

The campaign is the result of consumer research which looked at the barriers preventing people from buying life assurance. One of the key findings was that consumers said they had to be “emotionally disturbed” into taking action and buying cover.

Louise Colley, head of protection marketing for Aviva, said, “Every 29 minutes in the UK, a child under the age of 16 loses a parent, yet millions of UK families are still financially under-protected.”

Director of protection Richard Verdin said: “We may be criticised for the advert as we accept that we have gone further than other companies have gone traditionally. We believe in what we have done because it is based on extensive consumer research, and consumers have assured us that this is the advert on which they would take action.”

Aviva would not disclose the cost of the campaign, but it is thought to be a six-figure sum.

The advert can currently be viewed here, until YouTube takes it down.
Or on IFAonline (financial news website), here.

One response to “Aviva’s new advert from the ‘afterlife’

  1. Chris Johnson

    They say, what goes round, comes round; AVIVA (Norwich Union) caused my study of Spiritualism and Life After Death. In 1989, my Son Ray 20 went off to Spain, confident his Norwich Union health policy would cover him. As soon as he was taken into hospital, their loss limitation kicked in, could not get help until I got there with my American Express card. Too late for the medical care and a life saving intervention he needed, brought him home in a box! But it did not stop there, the hospital would not release his body because they were haggling over the bill, then they would not pay a small claim for my costs, argued a £40 phone bill to chase them up, was not covered! So can we start a blog on good and bad Insurance companies. Whatever they change their name to, the people remain of the same ilk.

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