Cassadaga offers healing

Along with reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy and other complementary therapies, spiritual healing is firmly rooted in tradition at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Central Florida.

Like the phenomenon of communication with spirit, for which the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is famous, spiritual healing plays a crucial role in the history of the Central Florida town.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp: The junction of Spiritualist Street and Mediumship Way

George Colby, founder of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, told followers he was ill with tuberculosis when his Indian spirit guide, Seneca, led him to the 35 acres of wilderness in 1875.

According to local legend, a small spring on the homestead provided the elixir that healed him.

To meet the increasing demand for alternative methods of treatment, the healers in the Cassadaga community have opened their doors as well as their hearts to all who seek their help.

Many more people, disappointed with impersonal orthodox medical treatment, find the spiritual healing offered in Cassadaga is a comforting mix of care, encouragement and faith.

The healers are, however, careful to point out that their healing is intended to be complementary to a doctor’s care, and not a substitute for it. Results are produced through the healer’s use of mediumship to channel divine healing energies into the individual, affecting areas of the body, mind and/or spirit in need of healing, and utilising the individual’s inherent self-healing ability.

Distance healing, sometimes known as absent healing, works the same way. The individual need not be present in order to benefit. There are about  twenty qualified healers at Cassadaga, each of whom has completed an extensive study and training period.

For those who can attend personally, healing is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm, and prior to the Sunday Service. Those requiring healing are also invited to join the Healing Circle each Thursday at 10.45am in the Andrew Jackson Building.

Those unable to attend can e-mail their healing request to:
For further information on Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, visit:

2 responses to “Cassadaga offers healing

  1. As a researcher/writer, I try to find facts. It appears incorrect information has been passed down through the years.

    George P. Colby was not that founder of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp-meeting Association in Cassadaga, FL. In one early writing it says he was given the message to start a camp but much like most of us, he didnt follow the Spirit’s guidance.
    Here are records with the facts about which camp Colby was a major part of. At the formative convention in l893, it is recorded on Page 7 of the bound minutes the Chairman said “The following request has been passed to the Chair by the Vice-President (George Colby) of the De Leon Springs Camp Meeting, Florida, which will be read at this time: “All parties wishing information concerning the winter camp in Florida, at De Leon Springs, can obtain the same by applying to George P. Colby, W. S. Rowley, E. C. Hyde, Julia E. Hyde, also your chairman.”
    In December 1894, thirteen Spiritualists from eastern U.S.A. drew up a Constitution and Bylaws and registered the new camp at the Volusia County Court House as The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp-meeting Association, a sister camp to Lily Dale, N.Y. Interestingly enough, George P. Colby did not participate in the forming of this camp. His name does not appear on any of the original documentation filed in the Volusia County Court House.
    It also appears that in the mid 1940’s the new people to the camp (the founders now in Spirit) didn’t get the facts correct and commenced honoring Colby by placing a statute on the grounds and changing the “Auditorium” to the “Colby Temple.” Infact, for some unknown reason Colby left the camp in late 1920s and never returned. When he became destitute and ill he boarded with the Spencers in Lake Helen until his transition at a local hospital in 1933.

  2. Thanks for the correction Marilyn very interesting historical facts.

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