Dumbarton Spiritualist Church forced to close

Tam (Thomas) Conroy

A Spiritualist church in Dumbarton has had to close its doors a few months after it opened.

Medium Tam (Thomas) Conroy, from Brucehill, launched the church only four months ago after the huge success of those in West Bridgend and Balloch.

At first a surge of people in Dumbarton flocked to the Burgh Hall, in the town centre, but Tam told the Dumbarton Reporter that the numbers fell sharply during the following months until it became unaffordable to hold weekly meetings. He therefore had no choice but to discontinue them.

Although bitterly disappointed, 47-year-old Tom feels it is more important to focus on his very popular Balloch church in the Vale of Eden area.

Explaining the cause of the dwindling congregation he said, “Most Spiritualist churches are within communities, but this was in the town centre, and there are not so many houses around, so people had too far to travel.

“On the opening night we had more than 100 people, but from then the numbers just went down and down. I gave it about four months and it wasn’t working out.

“I still have meetings in Balloch which were getting 50 or 60 people a week, which is great. I’ve lost numbers there too, but I would rather focus on the one which is working.”

Balloch Spiritualist Church meets every Thursday at 7.30pm in the Mill Hall, Haldane.

Too see a map showing the location of  Balloch Spiritualist Church click here.

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