New film about afterlife is based on Chico Xavier book

Filmsharks International, one of Latin America’s largest film sales companies, has secured the rights for the box office hit Nosso Lar.

As reported in Variety, the film’s distribution by 20th Century Fox grossed $25 million to become the second highest money-spinner in Latin America this year after Elite Troop 2.

Chico Xavier

Based on Brazilian Spiritualist Chico Xavier’s bestselling book, Nosso Lar, the movie blockbuster is produced by Iafa Britz and directed by Wagner de Assis. The plot follows a doctor who, after his passing, finds neither heaven nor hell, and is taken to a spirit colony where he finds out about the afterlife and reincarnation.

FilmSharks head, Guido Rud, said the company is acquiring films that have “a good level of production value, a studio release, and stories that can travel and connect with international audiences.”

Chico Xavier’s Nosso Lar (An account of life in a spirit colony in the world of spirits) (Life in the Spirit World) is sadly currently unavailable from the Spirit of PN Shop, but can be ordered second-hand by clicking on Amazon’s “other purchasing options”.

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