Miraculous escape for physical circle

Every Friday evening for some years, physical medium Lynne Thomas has held a physical circle in her terrace house in the town of Treharris, South Wales.

During the day on Friday, February 4, Lynne began to feel unwell. She had no plans to cancel the circle, but eventually had to do so because her condition gradually worsened.

Lynne’s home is a traditional style terrace property with a front room and a rear sitting room, which was where she held her circle meetings. She decided to lie down on the settee in this room, hoping her condition would soon pass.

At about the time when circle members would have been leaving the house, there was a loud bang and the sound of breaking glass. Startled and shocked, Lynne rushed to the front room to find that a car had reversed through the front door and plate-glass former shop window. The impact demolished both, and the car ended up in her front room.

Lynne put her hand on the car to check whether anyone was inside. As she did so, the vehicle reversed and was suddenly driven off at high speed!

“I had felt ill all day but couldn’t say what was causing it,” said Lynne. “I eventually gave in and cancelled the circle. I was dozing on the settee in the back room when there was this almighty bang and terrible sound of breaking glass. My heart leaped into my mouth. I was shocked beyond belief when I went into the front room and saw the car inside it.

Local medium Yvonne White surveys the damage to Lynne Thomas’ front room

“There was broken glass everywhere and I couldn’t see into the car. As I leaned on it to look inside, it reversed and drove off fast. I had to quickly jump backwards to avoid it. When I gathered my senses I noticed the time and it dawned on me that it was about the time the circle usually left.

“I couldn’t help thinking that if I had not cancelled the circle, either the members would have been caught in the door and involved in the accident, or I could have been locking it behind them. I dread to think what might have been.

“The emergency services were marvellous and I can’t thank them enough. Ambulances, fire service and police all arrived very quickly. I was just grateful that I didn’t need the medics!”

Later, a neighbour turned himself in to the police, saying that his son had released the car’s handbrake. It is expected that an investigation will take place.

Although shaken by the events, Lynne is fine, but she and circle members believe that the cancellation was no mere coincidence, and that the guiding hand of spirit played a part in Lynne becoming ill and having to cancel the circle, preventing what could have been a significantly worse disaster.

One response to “Miraculous escape for physical circle

  1. Margaret Challenger

    Slight correction for the eagle eyed – the car was reversed in and driven out forwards (no miraculous 3 point turn in Lynne’s living room).

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