*** STOP PRESS *** Ownership of Psychic Press assets determined

By Susan Farrow.

Seven months on from the closure of Psychic News, the world’s best known and longest-running Spiritualist newspaper, a legal ruling has determined that the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), which had claimed ownership of the newspaper and its assets, does not own them.

This news was made public today in a statement on the website of the Spiritual Truth Foundation (STF), of which I am one of seven trustees. As the former owner of Psychic News, the STF disputed the Spiritualists’ National Union’s claim of ownership and sought legal advice which it subsequently presented to SNU representatives and Joint Liquidators Marsh Hammond and Partners in January this year.

The statement – issued with the approval of the Joint Liquidators – reads:

“As a result of discussions between the parties involved and following legal advice, it has been determined that the disputed assets referred to in the November 17, 2010, joint statement belong to Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, now in liquidation.”

The outcome of the liquidation process is not yet known and no further comment will appear here until the future of Psychic News and its unique archives has been decided.

7 responses to “*** STOP PRESS *** Ownership of Psychic Press assets determined

  1. Progress? It looks that way. I can only hope so and also hope that this disgraceful business finally gets resolved.

    Those involved on the SNU side should hang their heads in shame but I’m not expecting that they will…..

  2. Phil Hotchkin

    This is excellent news for all spiritualists and those who worked for many years on Psychic News. The ownership and the assets & library of the publication is not owned by the SNU.
    I hope the vast library of valuable information and spiritual philosophy from guides many of whom were prolific in the early years of Psychic News, can now be made available online to all spiritualists and those who seek the knowledge & wisdom of these great masters of the spirit world.

  3. I am more than thrilled to learn that contrary to the SNU’s claims, they do not own Psychic News and its archives, and that these invaluable Spiritualist treasures rightly belong as assets of Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, a company which is now in liquidation.

    I can only hope and pray now that when the liquidation process has been completed Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, and its assets will have been sold to a worthy new owner so that we who have supported and loved the Psychic News publication will see its re-emergence as a truly independent voice for Spiritualism around the world.

  4. Congratulations for “persistence.” It is important that things be done orderly and properly if we are to follow the wonderful philosophy of Spiritualism. This is just one more example of the Natural Law of Cause and Effect! We all know, Truth prevails.

  5. Thanks to all who have sent comments on this story – we appreciate them. However, since there is much speculation at such a critical time for PN’s future, please note that they will not be published here until the outcome of the liquidation process is known. Thanks for your patience. Ed.

  6. Eleanor Landreau

    Dear Susan Farrow………….I am delighted that all this positive action is being taken by you, as I am sure that you must be the motivating force which is keeping our paper alive in spirit. Bravo ! You are truly working for those who seek to help us by bringing the logic of common sense, (the components of Light), into the study of our fasinating knowledge.

    My friends and I all thank you !!!

    Eleanor Landreau.

  7. lets hope that there is a rising of this wonderful spiritual phoenix x

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