How many mediums do you know who’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

By Sue Farrow

Regular visitors to Spirit of PN will know that last week we made an important announcement concerning the ownership of Psychic News and its assets.

A legal ruling has determined that the Spiritualists’ National Union, which unilaterally halted publication of the 78-year-old Spiritualist weekly in July 2010, while claiming ownership of the title, its world-renowned archive and other assets, does not own them. We do not yet know who the new owners will be, but can report that the entire package has now been put up for sale by liquidators Marsh Hammond and Partners.

PN’s future is still uncertain, but as the paper’s most recent editor I pay tribute to those who have worked hard to establish that Spiritualism’s most popular and best known publication is the property of Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, the company which has published it for the past fifteen years. Prime among those who have worked to achieve this ruling is PN’s former owner, the Spiritual Truth Foundation, and in particular its Director of Publications, Roy Stemman.  Needless to say, we are watching closely to see who the new owners will be. We will bring you that news as soon as we have it.

Turning to this month’s issue of SPN, Hydesville Day, on March 31, 2011 marked the 163rd anniversary of events which brought modern Spiritualism into being. To honour that special day, Jim Warwood brings us the latest research concerning the lives of Hydesville mediums Margaretta and Catharine Fox.

Last month’s SPN’s For and Against debated the complex issue of physical mediumship and its place within the Spiritualist movement. Thanks to all those who posted comments and voted in our poll. As we go to press, an overwhelming 83 per cent of those who voted believe that physical mediumship is a good thing for Spiritualism. The poll will remain open for the next few weeks.

This month’s debate is equally controversial. Leslie Price argues that the Spiritualist movement needs more Christians in its ranks, while Lis Warwood contends that what the movement really needs is more Spiritualists. Both sides of the debate are presented with equal passion, and it’s up to you to decide who is right. As always, we will publish all comments, as long as they are respectful of other people’s beliefs. Please remember to vote in our poll so we know exactly what you think.

In other news, I report on the resignation of Stourbridge Church president Eric Hatton, after almost fifty years in the job. Eric is one of Spiritualism’s best loved and most respected figures and there is widespread sadness that he has decided to vacate the hot seat after so many years.

How many mediums do you know who were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? I didn’t know of any until I read Graham Jennings’ review of Guy Lyon Playfair’s new book on the legendary Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. Chico was an extraordinary man – a hugely successful healer who was a national hero.

Graham also writes about an astonishingly clever piece of spirit communication which led directly to the discovery of a completely unknown violin concerto by the world famous composer Robert Schumann.

This month’s Spotlight on the Churches is by Paul Brett, who puts Wimbledon Spiritualist Church under the microscope.

As always, Kay Hunter updates us on some topical news, including a passionate defence of deposed Spiritualist Dame, Jean Else, by one of her former (and famous) students.

And finally, as we go to press we hear of the shock resignation of former SNU president Duncan Gascoyne from his post as chairman of the Arthur Findlay College. For further details, visit

Please keep your comments coming, whether positive or negative. You are the reason we created Spirit of PN and we want to know your views.

One response to “How many mediums do you know who’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

  1. Graeme Hunter

    It is remarkable that Spiritualism has lasted as long as it has, with all the in fighting that goes on. It was once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Whether a person is a Christian or a S.N.U. Spiritualist should not rely matter. For nobody knew what Jesus actually preached and that which was supposed to be said by Jesus came from (1) The Talmud, (read the sermon on the mount|). The parables are mostly a direct copies from the stories of the Buddha, (see the widows mite). The story of Jesus we know that a lot of it was made up and a lot was missed out, so that they could follow the political priest craft who held the people in ignorance. Where ever the truth comes from, even if a heathen speaks it it is still a truth, (the Lyceum Manuel) surly wherever truth is we should seek it if we have to follow someone then follow the Truth and above all God is Truth.

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