Emma Hardinge CDs available

Emma Hardinge Britten

In 1865, Emma Hardinge Britten gave a series of lectures entitled The Philosophy of Spiritualism. Her words were written down at the time, and a book was produced.

Perry Rabbitts, who has transferred these lectures to seven CDs, along with two further CDs explaining Emma’s philosophy, was for two years  a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union’s National Executive Committee.

According to his website, he ceased his active involvement with SNU Spiritualism because he felt “its central committees were fixing precisely what SNU Spiritualist beliefs should be”.

Emma Hardinge, later known as Emma Hardinge Britten, was a medium and trance-state lecturer who wrote many books on Spiritualist philosophy and history. She travelled the world in the course of her work for Spiritualism.

In 1865 she returned to England and was invited by a London Spiritualist society to give a series of lectures followed by questions and answers. At each lecture Emma spoke for over an hour in semi-trance state, using no notes. It was reported that she held the attention of the audiences, who were fascinated by her words, given with fluency and passion,and without mistakes or hesitation.

Contents of CDs: (1) Are the teachings of Christianity and the gospels elucidated and confirmed by Spiritualism? (2) What is the basis of the connection of the natural and spiritual worlds? (3) Is Spiritualism the witchcraft referred to in the Old and New Testaments? Please define the difference between them. (4) The philosophy of the spirit circle and the spirit medium. (5) On ancient magic and modern Spiritualism. (6) What is Spirit? (7) Hades, or the land of the dead. (8 & 9) The theory and practice of human magnetism.

Perry Rabbitts

Mr Perry Rabbitts is manager/owner of the sole-trader business, Spiritual Enterprise. The business is developing three websites, producing spiritual and self-development information materials.

The set of seven CDs plus two bonus CDs about human magnetism are available for £30, (including VAT and p&p) from www.spiritualgarden.net.

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