Eric Hatton radio interview

Minister Eric Hatton

American-based radio station has recorded an interview with UK Spiritualism’s best known ambassador, Eric Hatton.

The interview, which will be broadcast on Friday 10th June, at 5pm UK time, is part of the station’s Surfing the Psychic Waves series, presented by Kristina Walsh.

Topics covered include physical mediumship, the future of Spiritualism and Eric’s autobiography Taking up the Challenge, which was published in December 2010. Regular visitors to Spirit of PN will know that the book was recently the subject of a ban by the Arthur Findlay College, but has since been restored to its rightful place in the college bookshop.

To listen to the interview, visit

7 responses to “Eric Hatton radio interview

  1. Denzil & Kay Fairbairn

    Shame to have missed the radio programme which took place last Friday…only received notification via email 2 hours ago…would have loved to have listen!!

  2. Denzil and Kay, all is not lost! have told me that Eric’s interview will be repeated throughout this week at 5pm UK time. Sue

  3. I’ve just listened to a replay of the interview that started at 9am here in Brisbane, which would have been around midnight in the UK

  4. The Eric Hatton interview is now posted on Enjoy.

  5. Thanks, Kristina, for letting us know. It’s a great interview from one of our greatest living pioneers. A must-hear for everyone interested in Spiritualism. Sue

  6. Just listened to it – the interview was very inspiring, and comforting. Just need to read Mr Hatton’s book now !

  7. kerry gordon

    eric hatton is a true gentleman,honest and sincere.

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