Reunion in the Spirit World – how will it work?

By Sue Farrow

Our For and Against Reincarnation debate, launched in February and argued so persuasively by Roy Stemman and Leslie Price, has so far attracted an amazing 116 comments.

A number of these have widened the debate to include related topics such as regression therapy, soul groups and free will.

A further interesting and important question has been posted on the debate thread by one of our readers – Madeleine –  who is concerned not with reincarnation but with relationships in the Spirit World.

She writes:

I’m going slightly off topic here, and asking a question on the assumption that there will be reunion in the spirit world for all individuals who have loved each other deeply in this physical world. If that assumption is correct (and all the great guides have said it is), what happens to those individuals who have not had the privilege of deep love on this earth? Who will they reunite with, if anyone? Are they effectively condemned to an eternity without ever knowing the joy of deep one-to-one love? I would be very interested to read other people’s thoughts on this.

Madeleine’s question will strike a chord with many. Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience a truly loving relationship during their physical life. They may have been abandoned at birth, and not ever have known a subsequent loving relationship. Others will have endured an earthly lifetime which is a nightmare filled with abuse, rejection and even violence. Yet the ideal of a truly loving relationship remains something that almost all of us long for, and only some of us are lucky enough to find.

So that this very important and sensitive issue can be discussed more fully, we’ve set up a new thread for your comments. Share your thoughts with our readers. As ever, Spirit of PN is a free and uncensored forum for everyone. We will publish any and all comments that are courteous and respectful of others.

10 responses to “Reunion in the Spirit World – how will it work?

  1. That is a very interesting point.
    If you accept reincarnation then the probability is that you will encounter such a relationship in at least one of your incarnations so there would be no one in this postion.
    If on the other hand we pass this way but once there will be some who will not have this experience while on earth.
    The real question is does that affect our progress in the spirit world?
    My answer would be no, because on passing we are being reunited with pure love in the form of spirit. That may well be with the one, or indeed ones, we have loved on earth, but all will eventually experience a special relationship if that is required for their spiritual progress. Just not on the earth we know.

  2. Hi Madeleine …………. Your question caught my attention and I just felt that I must reply, although after having made my opinion quite clear over the reincarnation issue, I had intended to leave it at that as old ground was just being ploughed over and over again with the posts. Your question provides another slant.
    With due respect to those who had replied to your important question, in my opinion they have not provided the answer you are really looking for. If you would like to contact me through my website by clicking on my name, I will be most pleased to send you a free copy of a CD about 1 hour duration of a response communication from a profound spiritual teacher who made it clear and interesting and will, I am sure, give you a most satisfactory and acceptable answer.

  3. Do not get me wrong Madelaine, you are talking from a physical standpoint, a part of our growth is to go through certain lessons/trials in the world of matter, how we face these lessons is down to the individual.
    When we pass into spirit, we are then, with our greater awareness, able to understand more fully what we have gone through, a time of reflection.
    This is but a very minute part of the whole life that we lead, and the question you raise is a very individual one, so a direct answer is not possible.
    I understand your thoughts and know sometimes, we seek answers to matters that will always be there, but greater knowledge will always chip away the rough edges of living on the earth plane.
    I wish you well in your desire.

  4. Peter Raggett


    I think there are two aspects to your question. Love in the earthly realms and love in the spiritual realms. If one was unfortunate not to experience earthly love in one incarnation then reincarnation could obviously redress the balance. However, earthly love is probably not vital to our evolution, or even if it is, it may not be vital in every incarnation.

    On the other hand, if you accept, as some communications have revealed, that we all belong to affinity groups in the spiritual realms then spiritual love would already exist between individuated consciousness in those realms so we would be returning to loved ones that pre-existed incarnation. In other words, as Silver Birch used to say, no one is overlooked.

  5. Janet Harrison

    Deep love between individuals is usually ( not always) attachment. I have no quarrel with this, I think mutual attachment can be a beautiful thing and a joy to experience. However, it is based on need and the emotions that come with it are physically generated. I’m not just talking about sexual love, I’m talking about the physical reactions we experience towards people we are close to, such as an ache in the solar plexus when they hurt us, or a pain in the heart when we are separated from them. This “attached” love may well be something that leads us towards understanding Spiritual love, but I think we may be mistaken in thinking our earthly love experiences are the deepest expression of love we will ever know. I would say to people who have missed out on a deep loving relationship whilst in the physical body ..”you haven’t missed anything, you are just having to wait for the real thing, like the rest of us. The loneliness experience might be one you have to experience for a while, and people in loving relationships are not always happy so don’t feel left out”.

  6. People who have not had the opportunity or good fortune to experience true love on the earth plane will certainly be surrounded by it when they pass to spirit, that is of course if they have the capacity to feel this love, accept it, and return it. This is one of the main ‘lessons’ that we are supposed to learn while here on the earth plane in order to prepare us for what is to come.

  7. Julie Grist

    To me, this question again seems to be connected with the view point that “physical” is the be all and end all and that this one aspect is our only route (hope) of progressive understanding.
    I personally believe that it is not possible to be ‘alone and unloved’ in the Spirit World as we are all part of one stupendous intelligence and consciousness with the same possibilities and opportunities for growth open to everyone.
    Why should we think that being ‘unloved/alone’ makes us less than or somehow unfulfilled or having not achieved what we are meant to?
    We are all a unique, vital and essential part of the ‘Whole’ and missing one emotional experience in a physical existence will not alter anything about our position in the Realm of intelligence.
    What about our gang of Friends or Guides who we belong to? We are part of Them and They are part of us – in complete harmony and like aspirations. The group soul will have been together for eons of time – not 40 years.
    Important as it may be, we place too much emphasis on this physical and material existence.

  8. I believe it is taught by most Spiritualists that when we arrive in the spiritual universe, we are exactly the same person we were immediately before the death of the physical body – therefore there is no immediate enlightenment or understanding beyond our capacity to take it in. It is the soul, the part of a person that is capable of thinking and feeling, the intangible part of us that goes to the spiritual realms. It is also taught that eternal progression is open to every human soul. So if life is continually progressive in the spiritual world as it is in the earthly world, and we find ourselves in the company of those who are at our level (law of attraction and vibration) than perhaps the opportunity to learn and grow in the understanding and experience of love is just as available in the spirit as it is on the earth. It’s just without the physical body.

  9. Patricia Thomas

    An interesting point, my understanding with much help from spirit I might add, is that we have lived many lives to encompass many different experiences, it would follow that we have many more parents,friends and families than we are presently aware of. So we would hope there are many who come to welcome us home, apart from this only a small part of our whole self or entity is presently incarnated, so we will also be welcomed by our higher selves quite a party I would like to think.

  10. Ibrahim Tabbara

    Hi every one; I read various comments, I believe that it is not what we want ourselves to experience in the spirit realms that we shall get but rather what we really are at that time and what we really deserve to get. It will not be up to us to decide anyway. The order of the heavens is much more accurate and justice will undoutedly be served. If someone did not experience true love in this earthly life, then he should be optimistic that in the hereafter the type of love relationship he or she shal experience shall in no way be comparable with our physically experienced love. Physical behaviors shall affect our spiritual built up and determine the status of each one of us in the hereafter. The more sublime the type of love we experience on earth shall render us more viable to a wonderful higher grade of love with partners up to the fullest satisfaction. Remember God’s love is vitalizng; so we should do our best to abide to his laws and instructions in order to deserve his benevolence and love.

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