Evidence, evidence, evidence!

Medium Michael Bagan

Sue Farrow introduces a report on some exceptional survival evidence given recently to ‘Valerie’ by London-based medium Michael Bagan.       

Few Spiritualists – even those who do their utmost to look on the bright side – can have failed to notice that first class survival evidence has been increasingly thin on the ground in recent years.

Much has been written about the possible reasons for this – poor training, rushed or insufficient development, lack of home circles, etc – and it’s obvious that these could be contributing factors.

My own view, though, is rather more controversial. To put it bluntly (and unfashionably), I believe mediums are born, not made – that mediumship is a talent or ‘gift’ which certain individuals possess from birth. In that respect it’s no different from any other natural talent, such as music, art or sport.

It can be argued, of course, that most of us could probably be taught to play a simple scale on the piano, but few would deny that performing a concerto at the Royal Albert Hall would be beyond the reach of most, no matter how hard they practised. The majority of us are fortunate to be able to run for a bus, but an Olympic gold in the hundred meters? Probably not. Similarly, we may all have a grain or two of psychic ability but no amount of £s spent on training  courses will turn us into first class evidential mediums if a gift is not present in the first place.

The following is an unsolicited report from a lady whose identity is known to me. To safeguard the integrity of evidence that may come to her in the future, I will refer to her simply as ‘Valerie’.  She has chosen to share her reading publicly in the hope that it will provide comfort and encouragement to others suffering the pain of loss, and also to highlight the work of medium Michael Bagan, whom she believes to be exceptionally gifted. I share this view, having watched Michael’s mediumship unfold over the past seven years.

‘Valerie’, who suffered a devastating bereavement, had never met medium Michael Bagan prior to visiting Potters Bar Spiritualist Church on Sunday 7th August, nor had she ever visited the church before. As you’ll see from her report, her approach to the evaluation of evidence is logical and meticulous. She categorises each piece of information using a system akin to that adopted by Spiritualist pioneer Arthur Findlay during his  many decades of research.

The very precise evidence given to ‘Valerie’ through Michael’s mediumship left her in absolutely no doubt that her loved one had survived beyond death. When I asked her what it had meant to her to receive such compelling evidence, she answered simply, “It was life-changing.”

This is her report.

Potters Bar Spiritualist Church
Sunday 7th August, 2011
Medium – Michael Bagan


Class 1 Evidence

Very specific evidence, recognised by the recipient of the message, either at the time of the reading, or upon consulting with relatives after the event. Not held in memory at the time of demonstration.


Class 2 Evidence

Evidence, recognised by the recipient of the message at the time of reading. Not held in memory at the time of demonstration. Could possibly apply to others in a generic sense.

Michael introduced himself to the audience and gave a short explanation as to how he came to be a spiritual medium, and how he conducts his demonstrations.

Two ladies received a short reading, and almost immediately after that a ‘Timothy or Tim’ came through. We did not immediately claim this as it came with the name ‘Joe’ and we forgot Tim’s best friend at high school was Joe (White).

Several other things came through with some persistency which, with hindsight, we should have claimed, but did not because we failed to recognise them quickly enough or someone else claimed them before we could. Such things were:-

  • The word ‘emphysema’ (not recognised by anyone else) – my dad died of heart failure due to emphysema.
  • Reference to someone saying ‘all their time was spent in a kitchen’ in fact most of the time – this was claimed by someone else simply because most people spent lots of time in their kitchen, but in hindsight Tim practically lived in our kitchen, and was often on the computer until the early hours of the morning there.
  • Reference to a person called ‘Grace’ (not recognised by anyone else) – she had come through on a previous reading with Michael and was a family friend who watched all my children grow up. She seemed to be the one to bring everyone through (she was a forthright and forceful character who would certainly be the one to take a lead in anything).
  • The words ‘Tim’ and sometimes ‘Timothy’ – two other people claimed this name and in fact got readings, but on several occasions it came through attached to the name ‘Joe’.
  • The names ‘Tina’ and ‘Laura’, and a reference to horse riding, came through at some point, again not claimed by anyone else except in a very generic sense – Tina is Tim’s close friend and Laura is, of course, his sister. Horses, and horse riding, were a big part of their lives when young.
  • A memorial tree was mentioned, and this was claimed by someone else as a rose bush, although Tim has a magnolia tree in Bude planted in his memory, and also an oak tree where we live, by the lake (this will be planted on his birthday, in October).

Michael said the name ‘Tim’ was being presented, with the name ‘Nottingham’ or ‘Nottingham Road’. This was the name of the road where Tim lived, in his halls of residence. At this point we knew for definite it was Tim trying to come through, and immediately claimed the message. Our message then continued until the end of the demonstration, which went well over schedule.

Michael then mentioned the name ‘Laura’, and the fact that he and his sisters used to have snow fights. Correct in every detail. One of our most cherished memories is of the photos of him in our local park during the snow a couple of winters ago, throwing snowballs at his sisters, Laura and Louise.

Michael mentioned the name ‘Tina’, who is Tim’s close friend. He again mentioned the name ‘Joe’. Very specific information about Tim’s closest friends, Joe at high school and Tina, whom he met through his sister, Louise. It is to be emphasised that, at no time, did Michael ‘fish’ for information about these names or try out a few other names first.

Michael mentioned ‘emphysema’ and said he had a person called Edward, who died of a heart attack. The accuracy of this information amazes me. Again, no dithering or fishing, just straight to the correct name and cause of my dad’s death, which was a heart attack brought on by emphysema.

Michael mentioned that the spirits were telling him we had seen or heard them, whistling or making a noise. Again this is very accurate. My dad had a very specific whistle, which he always used, and which was heard in the back garden of our house, and also in my mother’s bungalow, on several occasions shortly after he died.

Michael then said that Tim was ‘going very fast’ and seemed to have a lot to communicate, and that he found it difficult to keep up with all the messages Tim was trying to get across.

Michael mentioned the name ‘David’, who was my uncle, and husband of my Aunt Dorothy, sister of my mum.

Michael then mentioned that Tim was talking about playing with, or pulling, his sister’s ears. Very specific, and personal, information. Tim would tease Laura about her ears, which stick out a bit, and poke fun and pull them.

Michael then said ‘Alice’ had come through, and that she was an elderly lady who was making it known that she had passed very peacefully, and had not experienced a sudden death, like a heart attack. Again, wonderful evidence which provides such reassurance, and is breathtakingly accurate. Alice is my nan, who indeed passed very peacefully in bed while speaking to my mum, when she was 86 years old. She had contracted pneumonia but her passing was very peaceful and she did not suffer in any way.

Michael gave 26th July as an anniversary or birthday. This particular day is my Aunt Theresa’s birthday. Aunt Theresa is my mum’s last surviving sister and they are very close.

Michael said the places of Hatfield and Surrey were being brought through. Surrey was where I was born and raised, and had been staying all that particular week (Cobham). We had gone to Hatfield just prior to the demonstration in order to meet with friends.

Michael mentioned about having lots of books on open display at home, and perhaps noticing that some of them had been moved, or taken out of the displays. He also mentioned about light bulbs being switched on and off or exploding, and things moving about at home. Again evidence which is very specific to us as a family. We have lots of bookshelves at home, many of which contain Tim’s vast collection of classic literature, and many of which are situated in the kitchen, where Tim spent most of his time. We have noticed that a few books have been moved about, and items mis-placed. There have been two incidents of light bulbs exploding, once in my bedroom shortly after I switched on a bedside lamp, and once in the bathroom where we found the glass bulb on the floor, unbroken, detached from the bayonet, which was still in the socket.

Michael mentioned pressed leaves or flowers being kept. This evidence was very personal to my daughter, Louise, who has diligently kept a pressed leaf from Tim’s memorial magnolia tree, planted in the University gardens, in her journal.

Michael mentioned that they all said they were around us constantly, especially at home, and that they were all around us ‘so much’. We do feel their presence all the time in our house, although we also feel their presence when we travel. Although this type of message is not evidence as such, it is very comforting in its nature, and confirms what we always thought.

Michael mentioned the name Thomas, and that this seemed to be going back some time. Again, very personal information concerning an event that happened many years ago. My first son, Thomas, passed when he was 5 days old because he was born 12 weeks prematurely.

Michael said that Tim was asking his sisters to remember him as he was when he was throwing the snow, and having snowball fights in the park. We take this evidence as reassurance that this is the way we should remember him. We have several treasured photos of him with his hands cupped full of snow, a beaming smile on his face, which we treasure. He was having snowball fights with his sisters, walking the dogs in the park.

Michael mentioned the number 17 as being of significance. I think this may be evidence of the presence of one of my children who passed to spirit around 16 – 17 years ago, before being born into the physical.

Michael mentioned Brighton race course, and horse racing. I did not recognise this evidence personally at the time of the demonstration as I did not know at the time that, in fact, my grandad (who had a weekly bet on the horses), often used to take my mum to Brighton race course when she was young. When I told my mum this information it brought tears, such were the memories. To reiterate, none of us present at the demonstration knew of the significance of Brighton until I questioned my mother the next day.

Michael mentioned the place name ‘Cambridge’. At first we did not claim this, as we could think of no link with Cambridge at all. With hindsight my daughter remembered that Cambridge was the only place there was a reported sighting of Tim whilst he was missing for 3 weeks.

This was the only sighting that the police took seriously, although it did not lead to anything. This information was not in the public domain at any time, and my daughter, Louise, could never remember the exact place name, only that it began with a ‘C’. We since forgot this information, as it was obviously no longer important, but, shortly after the demonstration, Louise finally remembered that Cambridge was the name given to her by the police, as the place where a possible sighting of Tim had occurred. Tim would have known the significance of this as first class evidence.

Michael mentioned Sheffield. He made a few references to Sheffield. Wonderful evidence that it was Tim talking through Michael. Sheffield is where Tim was looking forward to going to university this year, having made all the arrangements to transfer courses.

Michael mentioned that Tim was making reference to someone keeping a diary or journal, and was showing a pen, like a fountain pen (this had also come earlier in the demonstration but we didn’t claim it at the time). Again, very personal evidence for Louise, Tim’s sister, who keeps a journal of memorabilia which we have discussed at length lately. She has recently added to it many things in remembrance of Tim, and this is his acknowledgement of her efforts.

Michael said that, as a last message, he had been asked to point out that there was another girl who should not be forgotten. This would, of course, be Tim’s sister, Louise, who had not yet been mentioned by name, although Tim had made reference to her journal earlier in the message.

Michael said that they were still sending messages, and still had lots to say, but time had run out, as the demonstration had already over-run by a significant margin. He had to terminate the demonstration, and was full of apologies about this. We were very grateful as we had taken up most of the demonstration with our messages, and apparently they were still going strong!

We had tea and cakes and a lovely chat with everyone present, and then, sadly, had to leave to begin the journey home.

Michael came out to say goodbye as we left for the car, gave each of us a hug and wished us the best. I told him he was an excellent medium with a really wonderful technique, which he should have every confidence in.

(The names and place names in this document have been changed to protect the identity of those mentioned and to preserve the integrity of any evidence they may receive through other mediums in the future.)

For information on Michael’s forthcoming demonstrations, almost all of which are free of charge, visit http://michaelbagan.com/

22 responses to “Evidence, evidence, evidence!

  1. Janet Harrison

    It’s good to hear about impressive evidence, and Michael is obviously a good medium. I have heard evidence of this calibre given many times by several of the tutors who work at Stansted Hall. It is certainly not a thing of the past, though these days I agree there are too many people trying to pass off a mediocre talent as something much more, and it belittles the general reputation of mediumship.
    Well done Michael.

  2. Excellent report on an excellent array of information through Mr Bagan !

    One thing bothered me though, Sue quotes, “Few Spiritualists…can have failed to notice that first class survival evidence has been increasingly thin on the ground in recent years.”

    I feel I have to take this up.
    There are so many wonderful instances of evidence that I have personally received through such Mediums as Eileen Davies, Colin Bates, and Simone Key for example. Many other instances so detailed and specific, from mediums serving churches I have attended. Not forgetting the many students of Mediumship who have given me personal and detailed information, that could only come from the minds of my loved ones in Spirit.
    There are some excellent working mediums out there – as well as those who try their hardest to be the best – we just have to find them.
    I am sure there are many out there who share this knowledge, but do not necessarily advertise their experiences.

    • Karl, thanks for your comment. I said only that first class evidence of survival was thin on the ground, not that it didn’t exist! There are a number of highly gifted mediums out there and Eileen Davies is certainly among them, as is the remarkable Gerard Smith. I take the view that it is extremely important for those who have received outstandingly accurate evidence of survival to share it widely. Had that not been the case with Arthur Findlay and other pioneering researchers, we would never have known about some of the truly great workers for spirit, nor would we have had some amazing books to read. This is why I will always be pleased to publish outstanding survival evidence, and why I will always encourage those who have received it to share it.

  3. i am desparate for a good medium also one who leaves you feeling happy and calm i will try this medium thanks for this article jill jones

  4. The SNU Churches really need this standard of evidence to be provided.

    • Agreed, but while those who seek to lead us keep trying to “mass produce” mediums rather than giving quality training to quality people I don’t see how. Proper and full development seems to be seen as optional rather than compulsory, and people are being brought on far too fast. Too much emphasis on money and not enough on Spirit.

      Love and Light,

  5. I think the intrinsic problem is that most really good mediums don’t want the glitz and publicity that some seem to be seeking. So they lie low, and news of their gift doesn’t reach that far. Having said that, it is to be acknowledged that there are also many gifted mediums possessing powerful and forthright personalities, who revel in the attention. As a result of choosing to lead such ‘showbiz’ lifestyles, they will inevitably be open to criticism purely as a result of this.

    Mediums such as Michael, meanwhile, will continue to go quietly about their business, undertaking such amazing work on behalf of Spirit, and those of us who are bereaved. If he should become famous, either on a national or global scale, as a result of his truly genuine gift, it’s a sad possibility that he will no longer be able to visit the SNU churches, especially the smaller ones. Imagine if a Medium with the high profile of the likes of John Edward or Colin Fry was to demonstrate in a small, urban Spiritualist Church, such as Potters Bar, in Hertfordshire. Chaos would ensue. There would be no room to accommodate those wishing to attend, and the traffic issues (parking etc.) would be immense.

    On what level should we let truly genuine Mediums operate? Should it be up to them, or are they subject to a higher calling? I, for one, agree with Sue that Mediums of Michael’s calibre are born, and not made, but in which direction he chooses to take his gift has to be up to him. We have to remember that some of our most outstanding Mediums, past and present, at first resented their gift and refused to acknowledge it. The truly great physical and direct voice mediums such as John Sloan, Leslie Flint and Alec Harris come to mind.

    Well done Michael. We are all proud of what you, and Spirit, are achieving!

  6. I am so pleased you have published this article about Michael. His medium work saved me when I was in such a low place. He is a truly gifted man and so modest and will help so many people as he goes on with his work. All power to him and the spirit people who come to him. Bless you Michael.

  7. The widespread lack of high quality evidence has become a most serious issue, for without such irrefutable evidence Spiritualism will founder on the rocks and die. I certainly agree that mediums are born, not made, and therein lies the problem. Many people who desire to serve spirit will, understandably and very laudably, perhaps consider that they would like to “learn” mediumship. It is a desire born of a genuine wish to serve humanity – a fine motivation. Regrettably, certain prominent spiritual organisations have cottoned on to the fact that there is a great deal of money to be made out of this widespread desire to “become” a medium. The consequent exploitation of this sincere desire, by organisations which should know a great deal better, is in my opinion almost solely responsible for the widespread decline in mediumistic standards.

  8. I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the messages given, and I am happy for “Valerie” that she was comforted by the medium’s words. As a newcomer to this newsletter, though, I am curious about the use of the terms “Class I” and “Class 2”. Firstly: How can a fact be “recognised by the recipient” but not be “held in memory at the time”? Secondly: What rating would be given to truly evidential statements such as those supplying confirmable information known to no one currently living? Several examples of such cases are listed on the Survival Top 40 (www.survivaltop40.com).
    — Miles Edward Allen
    President, AECES

  9. Janet Harrison

    Hello M Allen.
    A piece of evidence which is recognized by the recipient but ” not held in memory at the time” refers to something not understood when it was given but then remembered later. For instance you might have a medium say “your Dad is talking about the sixpence in the bread bin” and you were unable to accept that message as making any sense…only to walk out of the demonstration and suddenly remember losing your sixpence pocket money as a child and your mother then finding it had dropped in the bread bin. This type of evidence is good, especially if you are wishing to discount telepathy btween medium and recipient.
    As to your second query, I personally would say that a true fact which is not known to anyone currently living is not evidence…unless it subsequently turns up in a written record which nobody knew about, or comes to pass in the future, and then it becomes tip top evidence of course.

  10. Denzil Fairbairn

    I have also sat with Micky and would go as far as to say that his reading presented me with the most verifiable personal evidence I have ever received…however, could you please clarify the following conflicting comments:-“Valerie’, who suffered a devastating bereavement, had never met medium Michael Bagan prior to visiting Potters Bar Spiritualist Church on Sunday 7th August,” and “Reference to a person called ‘Grace’ (not recognised by anyone else) – she had come through on a previous reading with Michael and was a family friend who watched all my children grow up.

  11. Denzil, thanks for your comment. Regarding Michael never having met ‘Valerie’ – this is entirely accurate. A few months before the service at Potters Bar Spiritualist Church, Michael had given ‘Valerie’ a telephone reading. It was arranged through a third party and, as is his preferred custom, Michael was not told the sitter’s name. He therefore had no idea what ‘Valerie’ looked like and thus had no way of knowing her identity when she attended Potters Bar. I hope this clarifies things. Sue

  12. Denzil Fairbairn

    Thanks for your help Sue…much appreciated 🙂

  13. I manage to attend only one course at Arthur Findlay College each year and my experience is that there are normally dozens of outstanding mediums present, not including the tutors! Multiply this by at least 40 weeks (some courses are not for mediumship) and statistically this means there are many hundreds of quality mediums. Admittedly there are not enough to ensure this standard of medium serves all churches every week, but we hear so much about the poor standard “these days” and I don’t feel pessimistic. Also they are not clones of anyone – all have their own personaity and style. Needed to get that off my chest!

  14. I have had experience of first class evidential mediumship a number of times from mediums in Australia. Consequently I believe without doubt that loved ones are in spirit,

    I am curious about your statement that mediums are born, not made, Sue. Some undoubtedly have more skill but the best actually work at it – in their personal lives and development as well.

    I have had good evidential mediumship from the most unlikely people too!

    • Quiet, thanks for your comment. My statement that mediums are born, not made, was not intended in any way to suggest that natural mediums don’t have to work at it – the absolute reverse is true! I cited the parallel case of (for example) a naturally gifted musician. Those with innate musical talent will practice hours and hours each day to develop and perfect their gift. The same applies to those with an innate gift for mediumship. My point was that all the practice in the world will not make a superb medium out of someone who doesn’t have a natural gift for mediumship in the first place. Sue

  15. I would like to see decent mediums on the platform of churches but all I see are wannevbees who think they mediumistic .There has been a continuous play on everyone being a medium in courses and seminars because of the hight fees for said seminars and there are wannebbe mediums claiming they can teach Mediumship No way!!!

  16. I will give a prediction now and it is this: that the SNU will fall because it is only catering for wealthy people with pretensions of being a medium. It is no longer a calling but a fashion accessory. No one can forget the statements which the tutors at Stansted made. These were to become official in the SNU, but when they received letters and comments on the subjects they did notlike this one bit. They tried to write letters defending the indefensible, which was makover of the Spirit world, as if it needed that. The spirit world wil go its own sweet way with or without the statements of the SNU. We as Spiritualists cannot dictate to the source which underpins this “reality”.

    • As i have said time and time again. There are more spiritualists outside the SNU than within it. If they are not careful, the SNU will become a parody of itself. Some say that has already happened.

  17. I agree entirely Ann. I think the SHU is already on its way down. There are very few members. I recently had a reading with an SNU medium, just to see what he was like, and compare notes with a wonderful reading I had. It was all wishy washy stuff, and the information that came through was either totally wrong, ot could have applied to anyone. There was not one piece of evidence that stood out and grabbed you. Small wonder, then, that people nowadays think so little of mediumship, and that it has become a playground for frauds and charlatans. I don’t know whether the medium I paid to have a reading was a fraud or just delusional – either way, he certainly needed to work on his mediumship and should not be offering his services until they are fully developed. I like the analogy to artists. Everyone can draw to varying degrees, but there are very few artists around who reach the standard of a Michelangelo. I believe outstanding mediums, like outstanding artists, are born, not made.

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