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  1. Great news to see the Spirit of PN manifested, very much alive and well. And hopefully around for a long time to come! Best wishes. x

  2. Can you just give me somewhat of a take on this? I belong to a spiritual group that does not embrace reincarnation. They feel that when we transition that’s it, we go on from there. I on the other hand do. I’m not saying in this dimension or maybe again in some material form. This world or another or whatever a soul needs to do. Do you suggest anything current on this dilemma?

    please write back,

    peace, cindy

    • Hi Cindy

      In next month’s issue, available on 5th February, we will be running a debate on reincarnation between Roy Stemman, a researcher who is absolutely convinced of the reality of reincarnation, and the researcher Leslie Price, who is not. It promises to make interesting reading and may help you with the arguments on both sides of the issue. Ed.

  3. Blessings from Bavaria! 🙂

  4. Well done! I never lost hope that those in Spirit would bring this about. May it be the start of a new wave of pioneers for the advancement and enhancement of Spiritualism and mediumship standards. xx

  5. Great News I can only wish you good luck for the future we really need something like this with a modern approach to Spiritualism today.
    All best wishes David

    • david i wonder if you could suggest a medium in new york that i can see personally. i feel better being in the presence of the channel. i left a comment about how i see reincarnation.

      thank you so much. i hope you have the time to point me in the right direct.

      peace, cindy

  6. Risen like a phoenix! Wonderful. Many good wishes for the future.

    bright blessings, Jan

  7. Peter Ingram

    Congratulations on a very good start – but where is it now?
    You seem to have disappeared!
    Please don’t leave us high and dry with nothing to read!

  8. I wonder if anyone has ever heard of a Spiritualist Minister, Reverend Glenn Argo, who had a church in Carnegie Hall in NYC in the 1960’s, lived in Chelsea….tried several Spiritualist organizations, they have not heard of her.

    • Have you tried contacting the General Assemby of Spiritualists (now in Rochester New York). The G.A.of S. was very active in the city from early 1920’s. I do a lot of research and have not come across that person but will put some feels out as well. Blessings, M

  9. thank you so much for your reply. you said there would be a debate about reincarnation vs non reincarnation on feb 5 2011. can you pleaseeeeeeeeee
    keep me posted.

    much love and light, cindy

  10. Just beginning to find my feet and glad to have found Spirit of PN thanks to Phil Mortiboy for directing me.

  11. Hi to you all, so glad to find you. Missed PN and wish you all the best of luck. Looking forward to lots of interesting debates

  12. Dear Sirs,

    Is your publication worldwide as I would like to advertise in it and can you confirm how much is the advertising costs?

    I wait to hear from you…

    Best wishes,

    07894 661380

  13. Hello from Jock in Bonnie Scotland this in now June and no news of the ressurection of the Psychic News . Is it it not time we were given an update on the progress made. I understand it is already been bought with the help of the JV trust could you confirm if so and also enlighten us why things are at an enpasse the noo.

  14. I second that! Get your finger out.

  15. Great project I have linked this site with the Arthur Findlay society site which you can find at

    Best wishes for now and the future

    Peter Wakeham

    Very shortly now Arthur Findlay’s army will have to make a break from their friends in the religion of Spiritualism. We have all our outlets already in place – the national press, radio, television and all the university physical science departments, and yes, even the department of Psychology when they start to use the Greek word correctly; “psyche” meaning soul. My last great dream is that the university departments of philosophy will one day come to their senses and allow their students access to, the suppressed work of the two greatest philosophers our planet has ever produced – Thomas Paine the most valuable Englishman ever and Arthur Findlay, the most valuable Scotsman ever. Perhaps the Spiritualists will restore the notice to The Arthur Findlay College that said it was dedicated to scientific advancement

  17. I realise that patience is a virtue, and I’m always being told that I don’t have enough pink in my aura, but we were promised an announcement re: Spirit of PN ages ago.
    Can you give us some sort of indication, or are you bound by legal constraints?

    • Kevin, if pink is for patience, I think it must be sadly lacking from my own aura at the moment! You are quite right, I am bound by legal constraints and frustrated to bits that I have not been able to make any announcement. Let’s both try to cultivate more pink in the meantime! I will post something the moment I am able to. Sue

  18. WHat is happening here, it is timefor for the fraudent mediums act to return
    people claim readings are for entertainment only and flout the law both legally and morraly
    IT consultant shot himself after clairvoyant gave his suicide plans her blessing and ‘invited him back from the afterlife for a cup of tea’

    Read more:

    • Agreed totally. There should be a register of Mediums, who agree to a code of conduct. If anyone states that the readings are for “Entertainment” and not “Experiment”, then they are surely NOT Mediums. There are too many people who seek to rip off the weak and vulnerable. And the SNU Management do nothing to protect the good name of Spiritualism.


  19. I have to disagree. Entertainment is a good description of many Mediumistic performances. Well. they certainly make me laugh..

  20. I have to disagree. Entertainment is a good description of many Mediumistic performances. Well. they certainly make me laugh.

  21. According to the article, the clairvoyant concerned described herself as an entertainer, no doubt to comply with current legislation.
    After investigation there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her under criminal law for assisting a suicide.
    But I wonder how many mediums, psychics etc. ever consider their duty of care under common law?
    If the son of of this unfortunate gentleman decided to sue her he would have to prove that she did not show duty of care in not advising him to seek professional help, and indeed by giving her blessing to his desire to commit suicide.
    In considering such cases the guiding principle to the judge and jury was famously summed up as “what view would the ordinary man travelling on the Clapham omnibus take”.
    So just because these people comply with the criminal law and say their readings are an ‘experiment’ or for ‘entertainment’ does not necessarily mean they are off the hook if something goes wrong.

    • Bystander, I could not agree more.
      There are far too many mediums who use the excuse ” I’m only saying what I’m being told” as a cop out. As a Medium myself, I am aware that the majority of people who come to me are very fragile, even vulnerable. Most of them have recently been bereaved, and you have to deliver any message in a manner that they can cope with. How many mediums (either lower or upper case “m” ), have any training in counselling, diversity, or any means of delivering messages in a sympathetic manner? Not many. You have Principle 5 telling you that you have personal resposnibility, so don’t hide behind those giving you the message. The message comes from Spirit, but the delivery of that message is down to you.

  22. Wanted. Volunteers to hold seance , for the purpose of contact with Spirit of PN 7.

    • Hi Aruuel. Is this your way of asking if there’s anybody there? I am here! What’s your question? Sue

  23. “Is this your way of asking if there’s anybody there? I am here! ”

    Knock twice for No. Thank you for taking time to reply.

  24. I was shocked that the PN fiasco was handled not only in such an unprofessional way, but in a way that does no credit to Spiritualism.
    Do many Spiritualists actually stop for a moment and consider the Spirit World’s thoughts on many matters concerning our religion? We are becoming more and more like other religions by forgetting the true meaning of what we are all about.

  25. What is the denomination Spiritualist Churches?

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