By Sue Farrow.

The relaunch of Psychic News is just weeks away and we want you to be part of it! The J.V. Trust’s amazing gift of a dynamic, utterly independent new PN offers a powerful voice to every Spiritualist and to everyone who’s interested in a spiritual way of life.

Do you run a church or centre? Have we missed an exciting development while we’ve been away? Please let us know. Share information about your services, circles, workshops, fund-raisers and other special events with our readers.

Are you an evidential medium, physical or trance medium, healer, psychic artist or speaker? We want to know about your work.

Have you had fantastic, life-changing evidence through mediumship? If so, please tell us about it. Good mediumship deserves publicity, so that everyone can benefit from it.

Has spiritual healing transformed your life, or the life of someone close to you? Have you witnessed a healing that’s left you absolutely astounded? Share it with us, so that those who haven’t encountered the incredible power of spirit can read about your experience.

Do you know a truly special individual who works tirelessly for spirit and asks for no praise or recognition? They are the people who breathe life into our movement and we want to know about them.

Wherever you are in the world, if you have news or experiences that will inspire, inform or give hope to others, PN wants to hear from you. It’s the start of a whole new era and an amazing opportunity for the global spiritual community to work together in harmony!

Please help us spread the word by printing this out and sharing it with like-minded people who don’t have access to the internet. If you attend a church or centre, please  put a print-out on your notice board so that everyone can see it!

You can contact us by email at:

Alternatively, write to us at Psychic News, Suite 6, Thremhall Park, Start Hill, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 7WE. Tel: 01279 874339.

19 responses to “PSYCHIC NEWS NEEDS YOU!

  1. Hello, I tried to email you but your email address doesn’t seem to work!

  2. Chatting with spirit – thanks for your comment. The email address is working well, to the best of our knowledge. We’ve already received some since the article went up. Have you tried copying and pasting the address into your email, rather than clicking on the link? Please let us know if you continue to have a problem. Sue

  3. Jane Edwards

    I wanted to send an email but couldn’t get through. What I wanted to say was that Spiritualism’s appeal for me over the last 33 years hasn’t been the amazing stuff, but rather the everyday comfortable ordinariness.
    When I first attended Spiritualist churches in my twenties I was impressed and sceptical at the same time. Nobody was telling me things to make money. I just wasn’t accustomed to accepting what other people (mediums) said they saw and heard.
    Not a problem. I joined an open circle and was taught the basics of mediumship. No fuss. No being made to feel “you must have faith in what the special people tell you”. There was a sense of equality, not only with fellow spiritualists, but with those on the other side of life as well, once I learned how hard it can be to get through.
    I agree with the analogy to music. True artists are a joy to be with, but all of us enjoy a singsong when we get the chance. I did very well with psychometry at first and later with clairvoyance. When I was asked to go on the platform I called a halt to my research. I had been able to prove to myself that if I could receive messages that only made sense to a particular individual, then I could understand and believe messages from experienced mediums.
    People on the other side rarely send amazing communications. They are usually of the everyday variety, about little things we shared with loved ones. The sense of humour is, for me, the biggest convincer. My friend and I were at Portobello Spiritualist Church in Scotland. The medium was talking about a distant cousin of my mate, from Perth. She thought the Scottish town, but he’d gone to the Australian one. Next thing this cousin said was “We all had a good laugh the other day about your baggy trousers.”
    David and I nearly fell of our seats. He’d lost weight and his trousers had fallen round his ankles the day before as he carried dishes to the kitchen. He couldn’t grab the trousers ‘cos his hands were full and could reach to put the crockery down ‘cos his feet were trapped. I couldn’t help ‘cos I was rolling on the floor laughing.
    It was no surprise that family members keep an eye on us. However, the idea that one sees a funny, embarrassing moment and can call in all the rest to see, takes getting used to. Just like ordinary family life though.

  4. Regarding the imminent arrival of the new P.N. How much will the paper be, and how does one go about ordering copies to sell in church?

    Thank you.

  5. Thank goodness for your return

  6. johnroutley

    So Looking forward to holding a copy in my hands, how do we order copiesand how much will they be?

  7. Thats fab news!! Well done guys.

    Angela xxx

  8. Overjoyed at the return of PN in paper format !!! Reading on-line isn’t the same as being able to dip ino it as and when. Occasionally I would leave my copy on the bus or in the doctor’s waiting room hoping that some soul might glance at it and may be just a tad curious thus setting them off on their own spiritual quest. Why not sell it in newsagents as we want to get our message to as many as possible ! xxx

  9. Glad to hear that the republishing of P.N. in printed paper format is only a few short weeks away.
    I will of course be subscribing and coupled to that hoping that P.N. will allow me to submit/write a number of FULL PAGE articles about my efforts to ensure that Spiritualism and fellow Spiritualists will never again be discriminated against in the workplace – and also give Spiritualists the first ever opportunity to express an opinion or submit a comment to the European Court of Human Rights. (will explain that in the proposed articles)
    I shudder to think of what the inclusion of such articles in P.N. might cost me!
    So what is it that I have to share with fellow believers?
    In October 2008 I was employed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for a short period of time. I was dismissed on the spot. The wording of the letter of dismissal contained the words “..your work with neighbouring forces and your current work in the psychic field”.
    I took the matter to an Employment Tribunal, subsequently establishing an unprecedented landmark ruling regarding the belief in Psychics/Mediums and Spiritualism in particular.
    I alone represented myself at all stages and prepared all submissions – I was one person against the State. At the EAT Hearing where I successfully argued in favour of Spiritualism and established the precedent, GMP had as their representative a Barrister who was a Q.C. – one if Her Majesty’s Counsels
    There are lots of interesting twists and turns to the story – most of which will not fail to cause you to ponder and ask the question “WHAT!!”. If you would like to read of them then send me an email at: – or write to: Alan Power, 25 Slatey Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH43 4UE – and I will contact P.N. or contact the Editor of P.N. Ms. Sue Farrow direct.
    I assure you, you will be amazed!!!
    Kindest regards to everyone and of course a Merry Christmas 🙂
    Alan Power. M.A.

  10. Alan Power, Flat 3, 25 Slatey Road, Birkenhead. CH43 4UE

    An addition to the above… is my friend Bob Williams who is the Medium. I am a healer and speaker.
    Sorry for not clarifying that point in the last posting.

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  12. Is this an exception to the rule and does it differ in other regions. In Fife Scotland mediums are often asked quietly by the local constabulary to help in their enquiries. I can however confirm Nurses and Staff in some Hospitals in Fife are given a hard time if they mention spiritualism especially to Students or Trainee Nurses and they learn to say little.

    • Jock,

      When I was a Student Nurse, some 30 yrs ago ( at New Cross, Wolverhampton), I was told that I had to be “C of E” or “Catholic” as Spiritualism wasn’t allowed. And I could keep my opinions to myself. I was disciplined for doing readings for fellow Nurses both in breaks and on my days off. They never broke me. They knew they couldn’t sack me for it, and so did I. It cost me a job when I qualified, but I got a post with another Hospital.

      A few years later, I was admitted as a Patient in Norwich, and I stated that I was a Spiritualist. i was dismayed that they wrote ” C of E” on my nameplate. When I asked the Sister to change it, they refused.

      On a more positive note, I later joined Leicestershire Constabulary, and was amazed at how they encouraged people to express their beliefs.

    • Richard Ogle

      “Alan Power, 64, was briefly employed by Greater Manchester Police training special constables – but was sacked in October 2008 after bosses learned he had tried to involve officers in psychic research.”

      Perhaps he would care to explain this report in the Manchester papers. As a Spiritualist I make my beliefs known but never try to foist them on others or conduct any for psychic/mediumship in the workplace or while training in other capacities.

  13. I can agree with what you say. Opinions and attitudes change by region and I can confirm it is the same with hospitals in the main, the chaplains at hospitals have all the say. There are exceptions to this, one hospital in our area has a Spiritualist on the advisory panel yet another in the same trust will not allow it and we had a bit of a carry on when we asked to place flowers in the chapel. It seems the pious lady who looked after it would have none of it and I feel all we can do is to keep plodding away. we will win through in the end.

  14. Graeme Hunter

    I hope that this Psychic News will broaden its out look beyond just the churches. I hope that it will begin to look what is going on in science and print aspects of philosophy. In other words what Spiritualism used to be and do. Instead of being stuck in the principle mode of S.N.U or Christian Spiritualism. I do realise that if it goes down the same trail as the old Psychic News then it will go the same way. If it broadens its aspect of news then it will succeed.Please broaden its outlook.

  15. Helen Gandoff

    If Spiritualism is supposed to be registered at the Home Office as a religion then I would have thought that we should have the same equal rights legally as other faiths regarding stating our choice and using a hospital chapel for flowers etc. Whatever the circumstances any dictatorial attitude which prevents this freedom should be legally dealt with.

  16. Alan Power, Flat 3, 25 Slatey Road, Birkenhead. CH43 4UE

    Dear Richard Ogle;
    Many thanks for your request for explanation regarding my alleged conduct whilst in the employ of Greater Manchester Police.
    My dismissal from that job was based not on my conduct whilst in that employ – in fact they were not aware of my Philosophical Beliefs/Religion -but based solely on the remarks made by others. It was alleged that whilst conducting research for my two Master of Arts Degrees at the then Residential Police Training Centre at Bruche near Warrington in Cheshire that I handed out research material to Probationer Officers.
    I had already ceased attending the Training Centre when the Head of that Centre disseminated my Posters etc., to Trainers. The subject of my PhD in Parapsychology was to be “Do/Can the Police use Psychics”. I have all the letters to support my position during that period from 2004 and 2007
    I also have letters of apology, confirmation of which you which you can view at Power v Greater Manchester Police Authority UKEAT.
    As I said in the contribution above, you will no doubt remark What!!
    What might be born in mind is that whilst taking on 3 separate Police Forces I alone, without help from anyone else, established a ‘landmark’ ruling regarding Spiritualism, and now for the first time in History, Spiritualism is to be at the heart of a Claim at the European Court of Human Rights. I will again be doing that on my own, having completed the 120 page Legal Argument and Submitted it to the Court and obtained an Application Number regarding its acceptance.
    If nothing else, applaud me for having the courage to stand up for my Beliefs. There has been none before me, and alas I see no one standing beside me.


  17. Hello Alan there are more people than you can realise admire your stance however in these days of PC they will not put their names to anything other than a silly poll that is anoymouse

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